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Take The Black with the best Fantasy Sports Show in the Universe! Joe Pisapia, Scott Bogman and Chris Welsh breakdown all things Fantasy Baseball and Football on The Fantasy Black Book Show on the In This League Podcast Network. If you like your stats and strategy with a side of vicious humor, then THIS is the show for you! Once you go Black Book, you never go back.

EP034 – Wild Card Mania The Fantasy Black Book

πŸ’₯ Wild Card Mania πŸ’₯πŸ“ @JoePisapia17 drops a East Brown and DownπŸ“ @BogmanSports first Steelers takeπŸ“ Bucs to beatπŸ“ @IsItTheWelsh LOVES the Slime Cannonand more!Follow the guys on twitter @JoePisapia17 @BogmanSports @IsItTheWelsh
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