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A 49ers Story Finale- 2nd Place

Posted on: 23 Nov 2020

Going into the 2019 season expectations were high for the 49ers squad. The roster on paper looked very promising and everyone was healthy again. The biggest thing that hurt them back in 2018 was the injury to Jimmy Garoppolo and…

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A 49ers Story Part 6 – Win-Now Mode

Posted on: 16 Nov 2020

After a disappointing 2018 season for the San Francisco 49ers, excuses were done for John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. It was time to be in “win-now mode”, however they needed to get a few more pieces to make this a…

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A 49ers Story Part 5- Lost Season

Posted on: 08 Nov 2020

Going into the 2018 season, expectations were sky-high for San Francisco. But, could it be a lost season? Everyone thought this great franchise would return to their historic ways with Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo. However, the games still had…

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The 49ers Story Part 4- Sky High

Posted on: 31 Oct 2020

After a great end to the 2017 season, expectations would be sky high going into next season. Especially when on February 8th, 2018 to begin the off-season, the 49ers reach a contract extension with Jimmy Garoppolo. Five years and over…

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A San Francisco 49ers Story Part 3: Let The Games Begin

Posted on: 24 Oct 2020

Going into the 2017 season, a lot of changes we made. First, it was the start of a whole new era then came the off-season. The 2017 49ers is where the future began to take shape. Now the games begin…

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Dallas is the Biggest Dumpster Fire of the NFL Season

Posted on: 21 Oct 2020

On October 6th an article was published titled “Five Biggest Dumpster Fires of the NFL Season”. Well, that article was wrong and in fact, it was very wrong. The five teams that were mentioned in the article were the Texans,…

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The 49ers story part 2 – 2017 foundation

Posted on: 17 Oct 2020

On January 29th, 2017, Jed York CEO of the 49ers made a head-scratching decision to many and hired John Lynch to run the team. Lynch never worked in a front office until the 49ers called, and with the recent hires,…

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3 biggest AFC Surprises

Posted on: 15 Oct 2020

Every year in the NFL there are a ton of surprising teams. A good example can be the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars who went from worst to first. Through the first 5 weeks of the season, there will be surprises. Today…

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The 49ers Story Part 1- Pre-Shanahan

Posted on: 10 Oct 2020

On January 29th, 2017 the San Francisco 49ers hired John Lynch as general manager. The move shocked the NFL since Lynch lacked front office experience that other candidates had. Following that on February 6th, 2017 they officially named Atlanta Falcons…

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Five Biggest Dumpster Fires of the 2020 NFL Season

Posted on: 06 Oct 2020

Read about the disastrous season so far from these five NFL teams and how hopeless the season has gone for them and how it will continue. Through four weeks of the 2020 NFL season, we are finally starting to see…

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