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You can put the XFL teams relocating rumors to bed

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By Josh Davis September 2, 2020 1 Comment
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Since the XFL hit stop on the season, there were many rumors about teams being relocated. You can stop speculating, nobody is being relocated. To tell the whole story, you have to go back to April, right before the XFL announced they were filing for bankruptcy.


The league played five weeks and then had to pause the season because of the pandemic. At that point, fans were still looking forward to finishing the 2020 campaign. That didn’t happen, and even though people were still performing daily tasks at the office (virtually), the league made the announcement that they were shutting down operations on Frida, April 10th. By Monday, bankruptcy paperwork had been filed with a Delaware court.

Since then, over 350 documents have been filed. Many just legal formalities, others have been motions to either continue a contract or lease (assume and assign) or to end the deal (reject). Players and coaches, as well as sideline photographers, members of the media, and other non-essential employee contracts, were rejected. The league moving to sever the working relationship.


Originally, all eight leases with stadiums and practice facilities were ended. Court documents filed on 4/13/20 ended every executive contract, including commissioner and CEO Oliver Luck’s as well. The situation is always fluid, and sides can negotiate throughout the process, so that’s not how it all ended.

By the end of July, papers had been filed to assume and assign the unexpired leases for the LA venue, and the one in Dallas. Which means they expected to do business there after the sale. Negotiations with TDECU Stadium, via the University of Houston, had commenced, and a preliminary agreement was reached. That is until UH decided the agreed upon cure amount (what they agreed the creditor was owed) was short.

All of that was worked out, and the leases for Dallas, LA, and Houston were assumed and assigned as assets for the buyer. Once the sale is complete and official, these leases also become officially assumed and assigned.

Here is the curious part; ten days after the sale to Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson was official, the lease on Raymond James Stadium also became assumed and assigned.


Now, you’re all asking what does this really mean? Because it’s true, these things have legal ways to end, there is always wording in the documents that protect the rights of both sides. The fact remains, the reason you reject a lease or contract in bankruptcy, is that you don’t believe the lease or contract is an asset, and you don’t expect to continue business with the holder.

So, by assigning these leases, they are acting in the belief that there will be future business. Games will be played there.

At this moment, that is only the case in Dallas, LA, Houston, and Tampa Bay. The leases for DC, NY, St Louis, and Seattle are still not part of the deal.

The XFL rumors have been around since April. Dallas could move to San Antonio, Tampa to Orlando, and LA to San Francisco or San Diego can now be put to bed. The leases on those home stadiums are active.

Fans in Tampa, LA, Dallas, and Houston, rest assured. When the XFL begins again, you will still have your team.

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Allan Hildebrandt

September 4, 2020

I’m a Battlehawks fan Ka-KAWWWW and can’t imagine the lease with the dome being discontinued. We had a strong fan base even going to open the upper decks ( est 50K attendees) ! Keep it to football, continue innovation and no politics of any kind!

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