With the Postseason a week away, where do the White Sox stand?

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By Nick Sullivan September 26, 2020 0 Comment
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After reaching the high of clinching a postseason berth for the first time since 2008, the Sox have fallen real low. Where do they stand?

Last week the Chicago White Sox clinched their very first postseason berth since 2008. It was a tremendous high for a fan base that had not only stood by through the rebuild, but who’s team had been “mired in mediocrity” for several seasons prior. This 2020 season has been largely one in which the stars have aligned on the South Side. Both literally and figuratively.

For all of the high points that have led up to this week, this past series with the Cleveland Indians provided some much needed reminders. Baseball can be cruel and unforgiving and the Sox have some glaring weaknesses.

With one more weekend series against the crosstown Cubs ahead of the postseason, where do the Sox stand?

Rick Renteria is NOT the guy

This should surprise no one. We’ve always known this, but with the Sox success this year, Ricky deserved some credit. Last week we defended Renteria and his boneheaded strategies due to the fact that he is an asset for clubhouse chemistry. Those defenses have left the ballpark.

Renteria gives the same fear that Cody Parkey did while watching the Bears in 2018. We all know that he is going to blow the season for us, we are just waiting to find out when. It feels as though we just watched Renteria double doink the Sox out of the Division title. As horrifying as it is to relive that, it is painstakingly real. The Sox need to ensure this doesn’t happen in the playoffs as well.

Ricky is a nice guy and sets the tone in the clubhouse, but if he is going to manage the Sox out of winning ball games, well, nice guys finish last.

Luis Robert is Human

For the first time all year, Luis Robert’s inexperience is being exposed. Going into the season, anyone who follows the Sox was aware that Luis Robert had some serious swing and miss issues. It was heavily anticipated that he would be exploited and experience struggles comparable to Yoan Moncada and Eloy Jimenez early on. Only he hadn’t. He was really freaking good.

Jump forward to September and Luis couldn’t hit a beach ball if it was lobbed in over the plate. He looks lost at the dish the way Eloy and Yoan did early in their careers. This is normal and something Luis will have to continue to develop his way through. He is still going to be the star that was promised.

The issue is that Robert going cold just ahead of the postseason really does the Sox no favors. To put it plain, it flat out sucks. Luckily, Robert is a five-tool talent and still provides elite defense, useful speed, and the potential to hit any pitch out of the park. If the Sox are going to make any noise in the postseason, Robert needs to hit again.

Garrett Crochet is a Weapon for the Postseason

The one upside of the Ohio road trip has been the emergence of this year’s 1st-round pick Garrett Crochet. His 99-102 mph fastball, paired with that slider, has been an absolute joy to watch. Crochet is building himself up to not only play a big role come the postseason, but for the Sox future as well.

Crochet is beginning to give many fans hope that he is the second coming of Chris Sale. That is an outrageous expectation to put on someone who was drafted 3 months ago, but one can’t help but to see the comparisons. When the big lanky left-hander is wearing a number in the 40’s and throws that elite fastball, paired with a big slider its hard not to see shades of Chris Sale.

Like Sale, Crochet has made it to the big leagues the same year he was drafted. Only Crochet didn’t spend any time in the minors before making his debut, mainly because there were none. Crochet making the jump directly from college to the majors shows something special. Plan to see Crochet coming out of the bullpen in the postseason next week.

There is More to this Team than One Bad Week

The Sox are not perfect. Like every baseball team, except maybe the Dodgers, they have their flaws. They have weaknesses, and they have players who will struggle. What makes this White Sox team so special is that they have a very strong chemistry in the clubhouse, as well as the talent and leadership to overcome their struggles.

This team is not done. They still have some noise left to make and some doubters to prove wrong. The organization wants the Division title, but even if that fails they will still be in the playoffs. This team has too much talent to fizzle out once the postseason lights begin to shine.

Everyone has seen what this team, especially the offense, can do when they are hot. Not only that, but a rotation of Lucas Giolito, Dallas Keuchel and Dane Dunning is tough to beat. No matter what happens this weekend, enjoy the postseason. We’ve certainly waited long enough. Bring on Soxtober.

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