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Will the Cowboys Get it Right in 2020?

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By MikeTerrazas February 28, 2020 0 Comment
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Big expectations in 2019 were proven to be too much for the Cowboys who missed the playoffs and failed win the division title this year. The NFC East as a whole were not very good this season as both the Giants and the Redskins will draft in the top 4 overall picks with records 3-13 and 4-12. The Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC East with an average record 9-7. The Cowboys had a good year in 2018 then bounced back only to fall under the pressure. Jerry Jones fired Jason Garrett and the coaching staff, so what is next? How can the cowboys fix this long drought after not appearing in an NFC Championship Game in 26 years?

Do they have the talent?

First off, lets address what we have heard all year about the Cowboys – “They have the talent to win a super bowl. They are so talented”. We have all heard this saying for the last 7 months and when looking at the roster and watching games, something did not make sense. If they have so much talent and don’t have a difficult schedule, why are they 8-8? The so called “talent” did not live up to its name in 2019. DeMarcus Lawrence got paid and continued to run his mouth while only getting 5 lousy sacks. Only 5? Where is this great talent? Robert Quinn had 11.5 sacks this year and is set to be a free agent. Quinn was the Cowboys best player on defense. Leightom Vander Esch had an unfortunate season missing games with injuries but his fellow teammate Jaylon Smith did not perform all that well. He was missing assignments, taking horrible angles, and missing tackles. Let’s not forget that the Cowboys virtually have NOBODY in the secondary to defend the pass. Byron Jones has been the anchor for a while but looks primed to sign elsewhere. Looking at the defensive line there is no pass rush from the tackles at all. They were 26th in yards allowed, 9th in rushing defense, and 23rd in passing defense. Yeah – that’s not exactly showing out!

The offense

Now for the offense. We all know Dak Prescott is not a Top 10 Quarterback but he does have the heart of a lion, He does not back down or shy away from any challenge. He’s a very good quarterback and we have seen growth from him as of late. But he still struggles with inconsistency sometimes like; accuracy, vision, and velocity. They had injury problems on the offensive line and with Amari Cooper. Your best players are missing time AND you’re losing? Not a good combination. After getting paid, Ezekiel Elliot had a hard time finding lines this season. This is not to attack the talent of Elliot, but to address that teams are focusing on the run game of the cowboys. Once teams do that, you have to be able to attack through the air. Prescott does have good numbers, but it doesn’t correspond with an 8-8 record. I have to admit though, sometimes the play calling of still offensive coordinator Kellon Moore was so head stretching because in times of needing to pass, he elected to run the ball, in times of needing to run and drain clock, he elected to pass. A strategy like that can be the difference between 8-8 and 12-4. There is no need to worry to much on the offensive side of the ball for the Cowboys. Michael Gallup is a good No.2 or 3 option. Randall Cobb is a free agent as well as No.1 receiver Amari Cooper.

Is McCarthy the right guy for the job?

The Cowboys and new Head Coach Mike McCarthy has got to figure out how to right the ship for this organization. Add a receiver is a need as well as a tight end and in this 2020 NFL Draft, there are plenty of those. The main focus for the Cowboys though has got to be on that defensive side of the ball. The first 3 picks should all cover the defense such as safety, corner back, and defensive tackle. The Cowboys are close but they need to find the right ingredients for it to come out right. They have great pieces in place. Maybe McCarthy is the right guy to get the Dallas Cowboys back to the Super Bowl. Time will tell.

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