Will Aaron Rodgers conclude his career in Green Bay?

Will Aaron Rodger’s Conclude his Career in Green Bay?

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By Karmen Antilla June 24, 2020 1 Comment

Will Rodgers finish his career in Green & Gold?

At the conclusion of 2020 NFL Draft there was quite a stir surrounding the unexpected first round pick by the Green Bay Packers. They decided to go in a direction that was very surprising by selecting Utah State QB Jordan Love.  This left everyone scratching their heads and taking themselves back to the 2005 NFL Draft. Where Aaron Rodgers was unexpectedly drafted by the Packers who at this time had starting QB Brett Favre.

Now that the dust has settled, fans and players alike have had the time to process the selection. The biggest question is will Aaron Rodgers be leaving the Green Bay Packers as Favre did? There has been a lot of talk in the sports world around this topic. The debate has been what teams will make most sense for Rodgers to end his career. The likes of the 49ers, Colts, Vikings, and Saints have been brought up in the discussions. As much as Aaron Rodgers may want to finish his career in Green Bay, the likelihood of that happening is becoming more suspect.

Three Main Reasons why Aaron Rodgers will not finish his career in Green Bay: 

  1. Aaron Rodger’s current contract is through the year 2023 at which time Rodger’s will be turning 40 years old. Not that Rodger’s can’t play past the age of 40.  But in my opinion when that time comes, it will be a opportune time for the Green Bay Packer’s to move on to a younger QB that has been developing under the future Pro Bowler.
  2. There is an opportunity for Aaron Rodger’s to finish his career with the team he grew up cheering for. In his home town state of California, with the San Francisco 49ers. Rodger’s has never been shy about his admiration for the 49ers and that opportunity is getting ready to present itself in a couples years when Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract is up.
  3. Multiple teams will make an offer that both Aaron Rodgers’ and Green Bay will have to refuse to ignore . The stars will align for many other NFL teams when Rodgers approaches the end of his contract with Green Bay. One already noted above is the San Francisco 49ers but other teams will be in the same boat. The Indianapolis Colts who currently have veteran QB Philip Rivers, who probably only has a couples seasons left until he will retire.  The Minnesota Vikings, who in my opinion have a very disappointing Kirk Cousins. Cousin’s current contract extension is up in 2022. Ugh, could you imagine having to see Rodger’s in a Viking jersey like we did with Favre.

In conclusion after seeing the direction the Packer’s went in the 2020 NFL draft, there a number of different scenarios that are presenting themselves with other teams in the NFL. In the coming years, all signs, in my opinion, point to Aaron Rodgers concluding this career with another team other than the Green Bay Packers.

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Kristin Cirino

June 24, 2020

Well written article and you capitalize on some great points. I would miss him if he left but still love the Packers and may be time for them to rebuild.

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