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Wideout is a wide problem for the Las Vegas Raiders

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By Zack Simic February 28, 2020 1 Comment
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It’s no secret that one of the most glaring issues for the Las Vegas Raiders is the wide receiver position. The leader in yards, as well as total receptions for the Raiders in 2019, was tight end, Darren Waller, who had over 25% of the total receiving yards for the team. Veteran Tyrell Williams and rookie Hunter Renfrow were second and third in yards behind Waller. Both Williams and Renfrow had just over half of Waller’s total yards. The critical piece missing in this receiving core is a WR1. Luckily there’s not a better place to look than in the draft.

The two possible answers for the Raiders problems come in the names of Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy or Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb. Both are easily NFL ready and potentially WR1 ready. Jeudy has the elite route-running ability like former receiver Antonio Brown with exceptional speed and yards after catch skills. Jeudy led the Alabama receiving corps this year that was a consistent issue for secondaries across all of college football. Every NFL scout can see the talent in this young star, which is why the Raiders would want to secure him with their 12th overall pick.

CeeDee Lamb is a human highlight reel. Whenever he’s on the field, there is touchdown potential in every play. He isn’t the fastest wide receiver in the draft, but his speed is still impressive. His ability to locate and attack the ball around defenders is unmatched. When the ball is in his hands, defenses will have to send the house to make sure he doesn’t slip away to gain an extra 10+ yards. Just like Jeudy, his talent has scouts salivating, and he would have to be taken with the 12th pick.

Lamb is the wide receiver who should be number one on everyone’s board, although it seems to be very split. Lamb is ready to make a massive impact on a pro roster and might be one of the more impressive wideouts in the draft of recent years. Adding either of these rookie stars onto the Raiders as a top option truly opens up the offense. With Williams opposite of either one of them, Renfrow in the slot, and Waller carving up defenses in the middle, the addition of one of these rookies could lift the Raiders to having one of the top receiving cores in the NFL. Depending on what happens with Derek Carr, Jordan Love at pick 19 wouldn’t hurt either rookie’s potential.

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Jerome Butler

March 2, 2020

Great Article. I think the Raiders can improve their WR corps significantly with either Lamb or Jeudy

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