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Why The Week 4 Loss Can Be A Good Thing For The New England Patriots

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By Andy Davies October 12, 2020 0 Comment
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The New England Patriots lost to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday in week 4. A 26-10 loss in Arrowhead to the reigning Super Bowl champions moves New England to 2-2.

However, the New England Patriots were without their quarterback Cam Newton after the former Carolina Panther tested positive for COVID-19.

The game was in real jeopardy after the news of the positive test. It happened, although perhaps they would have wanted the game to be cancelled after how bad Brian Hoyer played.

Bryan Hoyer was a massive disappointment with 0 touchdown passes and 1 interception. It was the defense that kept New England in the game with the Kansas City offense struggling throughout most the game, particularly the first three quarters.

Hoyer was replaced by Jarret Stidham but this did little to change things.

This begs the question as to whether a Patriots offense with Cam Newton starting would have won the game. As a result, I feel that this loss was actually a good thing for the New England Patriots.

Kansas City was aided by four turnovers which you can blame on Hoyer and Stidham. However, New England’s defensive display shows the rest of the league how to stop Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense.

Implications On The AFC East

The New England Patriots are now 2-2, two defeats behind AFC East division rivals the  Buffalo Bills. They still have to play the Bills twice. Despite Josh Allen’s brilliant start to the season, I still question whether Allen can perform in the big games.

Just as I felt when watching Rams quarterback Jared Goff in 2018, I still wonder if Allen can perform in games with plenty riding on them.

Allen had a great game against the 2-0 Los Angeles Rams in week 3, just as Goff did in the 54-51 win between the Rams and the Chiefs in 2018. When it got to Super Bowl 53 however, Goff struggled.

We even saw a glimpse of Allen’s big game issues in the AFC Wildcard game defeat to the Houston Texans. The Bills were up 16-0 before eventually losing to the Texans in overtime. Josh Allen failed to throw for a single touchdown.

Should there be a 1 or 2 win difference in the division standings when the Bills and Pats meet, I still have my doubts over whether Allen could get the Bills over the line.

Allen has been an explosive quarterback this season, with an arm talent only Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes can top.

We saw how the Patriots can stop an explosive quarterback with a huge arm on Sunday and we could easily see this when a Bill Belichik defense meets Allen.

We have since seen the Las Vegas Raiders become the first team in 2020 to beat the Chiefs after their exciting 40-32 win in week 5. Mahomes even threw for his first interception of the season.

This is why I feel the loss is not the worst result for the New England Patriots and why it could be a positive.

We have seen this season how good Cam Newton has been for the New England Patriots.

His passing ability appears as good as ever and Newton still remains a threat with his feet. They outplayed the Miami Dolphins in week 1 and the Las Vegas Raiders in week 3. Even the matchup with the Seattle Seahawks was very close in week 2. The New England Patriots were just a 1 yard stop away from winning the game.

Closing thoughts

What these first five weeks of the season have shown us is the New England Patriots are just as much of an offensive threat, even without Tom Brady. We have also seen what the New England Patriots defense can do to stop the league’s best player.

With only a 2 win difference between the Pats and a Bills team who is new to leading the division, the AFC East is far from done.


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