Who Will the Cowboys Draft in 2021?

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The Dallas Cowboys are all but eliminated from playoff contention at 3-8 overall and 1-3 in the NFC East. Who will the Cowboys take in the 2021 NFL draft?

If the 2020 NFL season ended today, the Cowboys would have the 4th overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft behind the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Cincinnati Bengals. Who will be off the board? Who will be left for the Cowboys?

Potential Draft Order:

As of now, the Cowboys sit at 4th overall, but that could very easily change. The LA Chargers sit one pick behind Dallas, separated only by their strength of schedule. The Eagles and Panthers are also only a half-game ahead of the Cowboys and therefore behind them in the draft order.

So where will the Cowboys end up? The Cowboys remaining schedule is as follows:

@ Ravens, @ Bengals, vs 49ers, vs Eagles, @ Giants

How the Cowboys finish the season will be crucial in determining where they stand for the upcoming draft. If they lose out, they could realistically end up as high as the number 3 overall pick. The most important game is the Bengals game; if the Cowboys lose that game, it would nearly guarantee the 3rd pick. But if the Cowboys were to win the game against the Burrow-less Bengals, they could end up outside of the top 5 picks at the end of the year.

Case 1: Cowboys stay at 4 or move to 3

In the case that the Cowboys solidify their standing and hold the 4th pick or move up to the 3rd pick, the outcome is fairly simple. Dallas would get its pick of defensive players. The first 2 picks will be Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. Whether that is because the Jets and Jaguars both took them or because a team traded up to take them is a moot point. After those 2 are gone, the next ranked prospect is Penei Sewell an OT out of Oregon. Although Tyron Smith is getting old, the Cowboys won’t spend a top-5 pick on an OT right now. The Bengals will also take him if they are at pick number 3.

So the Cowboys would get any defensive player they want. The top prospects are Micah Parsons, a LB out of Penn State, and Gregory Rousseau, an edge rusher out of Miami. The Cowboys could also realistically take either of CBs Patrick Surtain II out of Alabama and Caleb Farley out of Virginia Tech, but spending a top-5 pick on either would be risky.

Case 2: Cowboys fall in the draft order

If the Cowboys somehow manage to win a game or 2 down the stretch, they could rocket down the draft list as low as pick 7 or pick 8. This is where things get harder to predict. After the top 3 picks in this scenario(Jets, Jaguars, Bengals) teams will be picking less predictably. Assuming Parsons and Rousseau are gone by the time the Cowboys are on the clock, the two aforementioned CB’s will still be available as well as Kwity Paye, an edge rusher out of Michigan.

So in this case, the Cowboys will likely be looking to bolster their dismal secondary with their first-round pick. They could pair either Surtain II or Farley with Trevon Diggs for a quality young pair at the cornerback position.

In short, the Cowboys will be in a position to bolster their atrocious defense this draft, but where they end up will determine what level of talent they can add. Cowboys fans will be watching closely these next few weeks to see where they land.


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