Who is the Best Quarterback in the AFC North in 2020 and 2025?

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By Sam Connaughton November 6, 2020 0 Comment
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The AFC North is the best quarterback division in football and looks poised to continue as the best for years to come.

NFL MVP. First Overall Picks. Super Bowl MVP. Hall of Famer. Heisman Trophy Winners. Those are just some words to describe the quarterbacks of the AFC North. The division has been home to great quarterbacks. However, no year tops the quarterback talent the AFC North has this year. It is time to breakdown who is the best quarterback in the division now and in the future.

Quarterback Rankings As Of 2020

1.) QB Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers

2020 Stats- 67.9% 1628 yards 15 TD 4 INT

PFF Grade- 73.4

Reason for ranking: Big Ben and his Pittsburgh Steelers has haunted this division his entire career. He has ripped out the hearts of Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens fans for years. The scary thing is, he looks like the Ben Roethlisberger of old this year. He has the highest completion percentage in the division and the most passing touchdowns. Also, his team is 7-0 with a good chance of going 10-0.  Ben has not showed any true sign of slowing down and is the best quarterback in this division so far in 2020.

2.) QB Joe Burrow- Cincinnati Bengals

2020 Stats- 67.0% 2272 11 TD 5 INT, 130 rushing yards 3 TD

PFF Grade- 77.2

Reason for ranking: I can just hear it now. Yes, I know I am a Bengals blogger, but as of 2020, Joe Burrow has been better the the reigning MVP. He has a better completion percentage, more yards and the same amount of total touchdowns as Lamar Jackson. Burrow also has the highest PFF grade out all four AFC North quarterbacks and he has done more with less than Jackson. I think he deserves the number two spot eight weeks into the season.

3.) QB Lamar Jackson-Baltimore Ravens

2020 Stats: 60.5% 1343 yards 12 TDs 4 INTs, 411 rushing yards 2 TDs

PFF Grade: 74.9

Reason for Ranking: The reigning 2019 MVP has not looked his best this year. That is an objective fact. He has struggled this season, even if he has the highest upside of any quarterback in the AFC North. Lamar Jackson has uncanny mobility and the Ravens are able to consistently run the football with him in the lineup. However, it seems defenses are more than content with taking away his running game. Where Lamar struggles the most is throwing the football and until he is able to find his groove 2020 season, he is the third best QB in this division.

4.) QB Baker Mayfield- Cleveland Browns

2020 Stats: 61.4% 1514 yards 15 TD 7 INT

PFF Grade: 67.5

Reason for Ranking: Baker Mayfield hasn’t shown the promise he did since his rookie year, though admittedly, he did play well in his two starts against the Bengals this year. Baker has struggled overall in his short career and many fans think it is Baker that holds back what could be an explosive offense. That is due to the fact that he turns the ball over too often. All that said, he has done enough for the Browns to make a playoff push for what feels like an eternity. Baker isn’t in the conversation for best quarterback in the division, but that might not be what the Browns need him to be.

Best Quarterback in the AFC North in 2025

1.) QB Joe Burrow- Cincinnati Bengals

Reason for Ranking: I believe the future of the AFC North is going to come down to Joe Burrow vs. Lamar Jackson. Why did I put Joe Burrow at number one? I think Joe Burrow has less holes in his game than Lamar Jackson. I know he has only played eight games in the NFL, but he has looked great in those eight games with one of the worst offensive lines in football, an unproven head coach and a subpar defense. Those things will change and Burrow will get better. To be blunt, I think it’s fair to say that Joe Burrow has future MVP written all over him.

2.) QB Lamar Jackson- Baltimore Ravens

Reason for Ranking: Now, hear me out. I think Burrow will be the better quarterback in 2025. However, I believe Lamar Jackson will have more team success than Burrow by 2025. Lamar Jackson has won MVP and is considered an elite quarterback in the NFL in 2020. Check. Jackson has a top five coach in the NFL. Check. Jackson has a top five organization and front office in the NFL. Check. The quarterback, the coach and the front office all play a huge role in success. The Bengals check one of those boxes. The Ravens check all three. It’s reasonable to say that Jackson might not end up being the best quarterback in the division five years down the road but I believe his team will have the most success.

3.) QB Baker Mayfield- Cleveland Browns

Reason for Ranking: See Baker is interesting. The Browns have built a very solid offense around him. They showed that they are willing to go out and make trades and spend money in free agency for Baker. All things considered, Baker might have the most offensive talent of any of these four quarterbacks. It’s just up to Baker. If Baker can find a way to go back to being rookie Baker, the Browns should scare people. I just don’t know if he ever will go back to that form and that’s why he is ranked here.

4.) QB Ben Roethlisberger-Pittsburgh Steelers

Reason for Ranking: Ben is 38 years old. I just don’t imagine him playing five more years. His body has taken a beating and for him to play five more years would be a minor miracle. That being said, I have can count this man out, because he has been destroying my hopes and dreams my entire life. Father Time seems to beat everybody, except for Tom Brady, and I think if Ben is still playing five years from now, this is where he will be in the AFC North Quarterback Hierarchy.

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