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Where is Teddy Bridgewater Headed?

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With the return of Drew Brees, the Saints have decided the fate of back-up quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater, who in his five starts for the team in 2019 led them to a 5-0 record, will be one of the highest sought-after free agents this year. His veteran status mixed with his relatively young age will allow him to earn $20+ million this offseason. After years of hard work, Bridgewater has earned his increase in value as a starting NFL quarterback. The biggest question is where he will land this offseason.

Many teams are in the market for a quarterback as new coaching regimes take over and long-time starting quarterbacks are leaving. This may be the most opportune time for him to have re-upped his value. Here is a look into the three teams that are the best fits for Teddy Bridgewater.

Where is Teddy Bridgewater Headed?

New England Patriots

If Tom Brady leaves the Patriots for greener pastures, then Bill Belichick will be looking for his immediate replacement. In comes Teddy Bridgewater with his high football IQ and a low-key demeanor that fits well into the Patriots organization. Bridgewater’s skill set also compliments the Patriots’ scheme and Josh McDaniels is likely to have a field day with the young veteran’s ability to be mobile and accurate with the football.

Carolina Panthers

With the ex-Saint offensive assistant Joe Brady working for the Panthers, Bridgewater could come in and run a Saints-like offense in Carolina. Brady was able to turn Joe Burrow into a college legend with a similar scheme the Saints run. If Bridgewater were to go to Carolina, they have a chance to re-make that magic for the Panthers. Of course, this is all predicated on the Panthers moving on from Cam Newton, which is still yet to be seen. But with this new owner, anything is possible.

Los Angeles Chargers

LA would give Bridgewater the opportunity to air out the ball and show off his arm talent. Offensive weapons are not scarce in the Chargers starting line-up with talent at every skill position. Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, Mike Williams, and Austin Ekeler will make a great welcoming committee. Philip Rivers is definitely not coming back to LA so the Chargers will need a quarterback. They may look internally to back-up quarterback Tyrod Taylor to step up. But if the Chargers are looking for a young veteran with the capability of a franchise quarterback then Teddy Bridgewater is their guy.

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