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What’s Next for Howie Roseman and the Eagles Front Office?

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By Dakota Pratscher January 10, 2021 0 Comment
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With his multiple draft blunders and poor handling of the Philadelphia Eagles roster, Howie Roseman has become a major reason the Eagles are regressing.

On the latest episode of the Kelly Green Show, Football Kelly, along with her guest Charlie Alexander, talked about the state of the Philadelphia Eagles. Eventually, the topic of Howie Roseman’s poor handling of the franchise came up. Well folks, you better buckle up, because you are in for a ride! It is of the utmost importance that Jeffrey Lurie finally pull the plug, and fire Howie Roseman. Otherwise, the franchise is going to be heading into a very long rebuilding process.

Remember the injury conspiracy everyone joked about with the Eagles? Well, it might not be a joke after all.

Everyone in Philadelphia knows about the injury bug that never stops biting the Eagles. Even in 2017 when the Eagles won the Super Bowl, they dealt with a massive number of injuries. 2020 was even worse. Former Eagles quarterback, Ron Jaworski, gave these two staggering stats.

The Evidence

On Football Kelly’s podcast, she tells these stats to Charlie. But what comes next is the real eye-opener. Charlie addresses the medical staff situation: “This happens under Howie Roseman, who controls not only the training staff but the medical staff of this football team. All reports and inside information that I have is very concerning. He’s fired people that were more qualified going into 2017.”  Interesting, the major injuries all started in 2017. Yes, you can make the argument that maybe it is something Doug Pederson is doing to cause the players to be more susceptible to injury. But, based on Charlie’s quotes, Howie Roseman is just as bad at evaluating medical staff talent as he is player talent. Let us not forget all the wrong diagnoses and out-of-nowhere surgeries our players endured.


For starters, Alshon Jeffrey was supposed to only miss about two weeks to start the season; instead, he was out for seven weeks and just ate up a roster spot for no reason! Next, pretty much anything that had to do with Desean Jackson since his return to Philadelphia. Next, Jordan Howard during the 2019 season injured his arm and was gone for about five weeks. Pederson could not give anything specific as to what happened to Howard. As if Jordan Howard traveled to the Bermuda Triangle and was never heard or seen from again. Last, Lane Johnson right before the season started got a surprise surgery out of nowhere on his ankle. Johnson did happen to come back this season, only to have his ankle cave-in on itself. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. If Roseman did indeed fire staff members who were more qualified than what the Eagles currently have, his bags should have been packed last year.

The Real Bombshell

Ever since Howie Roseman coined the Eagles as “a quarterback factory“, the fans have had a field day making jokes about him taking another quarterback in this year’s draft. This is DEFCON 1, as there are thoughts that the Eagles may pick a quarterback with the 6th overall pick. Kelly and Charlie talk about the many rumored reports about this topic. Kelly states she thinks that it is a fan-made theory when Charlie responds: “There’s reports that he’d [Howie Roseman] like to trade both of these quarterbacks, and draft a new one… I’ve heard it from a source I really trust now that they are thinking hard about a quarterback at number 6 or trading up.”

If there is even the slightest bit of truth to this situation, the Eagles are going to be in a world of trouble. Has Howie not seen how a quarterback carousel never works? Just look at what John Elway has done with the Denver Broncos, that quarterback situation stinks! If you thought there was a divide among fans between Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts, trading both and drafting another one will cause an all-out civil war between the fans. Not to mention, with the number of holes on this team, another quarterback will not fix it.


Maybe what Orlando Scandrick said about Howie Roseman is true after all. If this is in fact what Howie Roseman has done and plans to do behind the scenes, then he is a weasel that needs to be rid of.  Jeffrey Lurie must let go of his emotional attachment to his staff. Fire Roseman, otherwise the Eagles are going to continue to regress.

The Kelly Green Show – Episode 9

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