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By Tyler Kuppler March 3, 2020 0 Comment
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If there is one thing Titans general manager doesn’t do, it’s hand out legitimate information that shines a light on his plans for the team. This applies mainly to roster construction, as J-Rob is known to play those cards closet to his vest. In this early portion of the offseason, Titans fans are dredging any and every small bit of football news to see how it pertains to the Titans free agency plans.

With J-Rob’s tendencies in mind, he stepped up to the podium for his yearly NFL Scouting Combine. Before we get to what he said, at this point, Tennessee hasn’t  extended nor Franchise Tagged : Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Running Back Derrick Henry, or Right Tackle Jack Conklin. While none of these players have resigned, the Tom Brady to the Titans rumors are running rampant. It doesn’t help the situation as Titans coach Mike Vrabel was seen on FaceTime with Brady & Julian Edelman Saturday night at the Syracuse basketball game.

Jon Robinson seemingly dropped two legitimate nuggets at this press conference. After giving his introduction, he gave former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher a shoutout for making the Tennessee sports hall of fame. Robinson was directly asked about Ryan Tannehill, he responded with a non- committal answer, “We want to retain as many good players as possible, so we will see how it goes.”

After the Tannehill comments, J-Rob threw out a ton of coach speak fodder and discussed the possibility of using the franchise tag. Then Paul Kuharsky asked the question about resigning face of the franchise Derrick Henry. J-Rob responded with possibly his most definitive statement of his career regarding a free agent.

He sighted Henry as a leader in the locker room and the community. He also referenced Henry leading the league in rushing, and throwing out the bombshell “We are going to do everything we can to keep him around.” I said bombshell because Jon Robinson has never said anything as direct regarding a free agent.

The rest of the press conference was the norm for the Titans GM, talking generically about the upcoming draft. With his statement regarding Henry, he may be alluding to paying the running back big money to keep him around. There is a trend in the NFL with paying running backs big contracts, and the running backs never earn the value of that contract. Hopefully, Henry can break that trend, and hang around Nashville another four to six years.

The Tannehill comments are interesting as the Titans GM is seemingly playing games. Is Robinson trying to put up a narrative that Tennessee could move on from Tannehill at quarterback, only to put pressure on him to perhaps sign for less? We don’t have the answer to that yet, but we will in the following weeks. Tannehill, Brady, or maybe another QB? Free agency can’t get here fast enough!


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