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What power the Washington Redskins possess during the 2020 NFL Draft

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By Dave.Steger March 1, 2020 0 Comment
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The Washington Redskins are picking at second overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. How much of an impact can they have on the first round?

How much would you bet that the Cincinnati Bengals have the illustrious power of the NFL draft? Don’t be too quick to place that bet because the NFL world knows Joe Burrow is going to the Bengals at the number one pick. The Washington Redskins possess the most power in the NFL draft because their pick at the second over spot can change up the entire draft selection for 30 other teams in the first round.

Here are some prospects and situations that could disrupt and send shockwaves through the first round:


Selecting Young would allow for the Redskins to bolster their pass rushing. This move could force other teams to trade up for Defensive End/Edge prospects, given that 2020 is a very top-heavy edge rusher class. This move would make the draft go as expected.


New head coach Ron Rivera is known as Riverboat Ron for making wildcard choices. This would be giving him “his quarterback” to build around rather than trying to work with Haskins and not work. This move would force teams to trade up for remaining quarterback prospects like Justin Herbert or Jordan Love pushing top defensive prospects down the board.


Teams like the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders (barring Brady signs here) are candidates to trade up to the second overall spot and take their future franchise quarterback. The trade would add many more picks to Washington’s draft pool, especially in the early rounds giving Rivera a better chance of a turnaround.

Now with how many possible situations the Washington Redskins have at the second overall selection, shouldn’t we all be placing our bets on the Redskins as the wild card with the most power?

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