What now for the Bears?

What now for the Bears? A KING waits in the shadows

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By Juan Figueroa November 6, 2020 0 Comment
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What now for the Bears? Well, the fact of the matter is they are 5-3 and competing for the NFC North crown. It is very winnable. The Bears have gutted out tough gritty wins. Those wins will prove meaningful going forward.

Offensive line woes

Coach Nagy’s play calling is still an issue. But even more of an issue is the abysmal offensive line play. Absolutely atrocious, and there is no excuse for their play. We can not just lay it all on Nick Foles. Nagy says week in and week out that the Bears need to run the ball more. Surprisingly, David Montgomery’s number was called 21 times in the run game. That’s trending in the right direction.

Tough loss against the Saints

That game against New Orleans was a heart breaker. It was all but in the bag. They drove down the field in the 4th quarter giving Cairo Santos an opportunity to tie the game. He nailed the game tying field goal to send the game to overtime. But in OT the offensive line would collapse and give Nick Foles no time to deal. The Bears had done enough to win the game. Just could not close it out. The Saints are considered to be an NFC contender so, showing we could compete with a team of that caliber does show promise.

Get out of their own way

If the Bears could manage to just get out of their own way. Play with confidence on offense. Have a complete game of mistake free football. This team will be propelled to success going forward. They lack the confidence on offense to make big plays down the stretch. Although, they are within arms reach.

Allen Robinson is going to get you solid production every week. The delightful surprise this past week was Darnell Mooney and Anthony Miller produced fantastic numbers as well. True No. 2 receiver numbers. Miller had 8 receptions with 73 yards along with Mooney who had 5 receptions for 69 yard and a TD. Those numbers, coupled with 21 carries from David Montgomery, are a solid outing for an overall bad offense.

Titans up next

This week the task gets no easier. The Chicago Bears go into Nashville to take on the Titans. There’s a King in Nashville that’s the size of a mountain. He will be the deciding factor. Stop Derrick Henry you essentially win the game. The Titans defense has not been as good as advertised in the preseason. Even with the addition of Jadeveon Clowney. They have not been consistent enough to call them a quality defense. Although the Bears offense is not quite lighting up the score board. At least they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing its not the Steelers defense we are going up against.


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