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Entering the most important months the franchise has ever seen, there are a number of rumors surrounding the Miami Dolphins. What do we make of them?

When the NFL Scouting Combine rolls around every year, rumors tend to fly from all over the place. Teams will put out false information to keep other teams from understanding what their true intentions are. There have been several rumors surrounding the Miami Dolphins since the 2019 season ended.

Do the Dolphins covet Oregon’s Justin Herbert over Tua Tagovailoa?

While the local reporters will keep trying to beat this dead drum, the Dolphins do not have Justin Herbert higher on their board than Alabama quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. However, this does not mean that Miami thinks Herbert is a bad prospect. It merely means that Tua is by far and away a better prospect than Herbert. The Dolphins have been connected to Tagovailoa for over a year.

The Dolphins will undoubtedly be selecting a quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft. Current quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is in his late thirties and will serve as a great mentor for a talented young quarterback. A year ago, many Dolphins fans felt like that quarterback was acquired via trade with the Arizona Cardinals. Unfortunately, he is not. Josh Rosen has now been a failure on two different teams, and his presence on the roster will, in no way, affect the Dolphins plan to draft their next signal-caller.

Dolphins intend to try and pick twice in the top ten after a trade-up from 18?

It is hard to predict what Dolphins general manager, Chris Grier, will do in this scenario. The Dolphins have a bevy of draft picks at their disposal, and they can be aggressive should they choose. They have assets to complete this trade and still have over ten draft picks.

In this situation, the Dolphins would be aggressive to the fullest extent. Giving Miami two picks in the top ten of the 2020 NFL Draft would allow them an opportunity to fill the two most significant holes on their team. They would have the ability to find their next franchise quarterback and offensive tackle.

Dolphins showing interest in Titans cornerback, Logan Ryan?

It makes a lot of sense for the Miami Dolphins. Logan Ryan has a rapport with the head coach, Brian Flores, from their days with the New England Patriots. Ryan presents an option that is cheaper than the top cornerback on the market, former Cowboys cornerback, Byron Jones. Miami cannot afford to spend as much money as they want to on cornerback, because all-pro cornerback Xavien Howard is the highest-paid corner in the NFL.

Logan Ryan played for the Tennessee Titans in 2019 and presented a perfect situation to complement Howard on the outside. What makes Ryan an excellent option for Miami because he can also play in the slot. While Miami elected to move Bobby McCain back to cornerback, there is always the possibility that he becomes a cap casualty.

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