What Does Jordan Howard Bring to the Eagles?

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By Dakota Pratscher November 20, 2020 0 Comment
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Jordan Howard back to the Eagles! Philly did Something Right for Once This Season.

Watching the Eagles backfield this year has been a disappointment. Doug Pederson is either giving up on the run, when it is actually effective, or, the run game is non-existent due to poor o-line play. However, the Eagles made a smart move by bringing back Jordan Howard of the Miami Dolphins. True, it isn’t the sexiest of names to acquire, but, Howard brings the bruiser back style the Eagles have been missing this year. Now, I know all you box score warriors are gonna pull up his stats this year and tell us he’s worthless to have on the team. So, take that negativity somewhere else and go kick a can! Let us have this one, little glimmer of positivity as this season has been as bad as binge watching all the Twilight movies in order.

Howard Brings the Boom

Jordan Howard isn’t your typical do-it-all running back, his game plays like a running back in the early 2000’s. He likes to lower his shoulder and deliver hits, instead of receiving them. The one thing I love about Howard’s run style is he is always moving forward even when being tackled. How many times do you tune into an NFL game and watch the guys with all the wiggle go backwards and create negative plays? Howard is not like that, and for a team like the Eagles, who for some reason love third and longs, Howard can help turn some of these longer third downs into third and short, or third and manageable situations. Lastly, you remember just how well Howard and Miles Sanders complimented each other last season right? Their play-styles meshed together beautifully last year. Howard would wear down the defense, and Sanders would be the big play back. This is why I am most excited to have Jordan Howard back.

The Most Important Aspect of Jordan Howard’s Game

For those not thrilled for the Eagles bringing back Howard, let me give you this tasty little nugget. Jordan Howard’s pass blocking is very good. This is a massive upgrade, as Boston Scott has been very, very, bad in pass protection. I am all in for giving Carson Wentz any added protection this year, as he has been the most hit quarterback in the league this season. Adding Howard should in theory, give Carson more time to throw, so these receivers can run these longer routes Pederson loves to scheme. This was a smart move by the Eagles. Here is hoping for a miraculous turn around for the rest of the season.

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