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What does Dak Prescott injury mean for Dallas Cowboys future?

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By Steve Kemper November 2, 2020 1 Comment
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Pro Bowl Quarterback is out for the remainder of the year. What does this mean for the rest of the Dallas Cowboys season and beyond?

The Start to the season

Heading into the 2020 NFL season, there were a multitude of questions to answer. The one thing that no Dallas Cowboys fan would consider, was rebuilding a team pegged as a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Back in August, the Dallas Cowboys were a trendy pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, having a high powered offense from the year before and adding some pieces to a defense that was middle of the road the year before. Let’s start with that offense and in particular the quarterback position.


The Dak Effect

Dak Prescott was a quarterback who had proved he could win games but was never thought of to be in the top tier at his position. He came in during a prove it season where he was playing on a franchise tag, wanting to be paid as a top five at his position. Through the first quarter of the season, he was on pace to shatter yardage records, but the team was not winning games. If not for a fluke onside kick recovery the team would have been winless. In the NFL you can put up great numbers, but if you are leading a winless team it doesn’t amount to much investment from the owners. This was a problem for Dallas.

The Worst Possible Scenario

Flash forward to the second Sunday in October and the worst possible scenario unfolded. The man who had carried the team for the first four plus weeks of the season was on the ground, in shock as he broke his ankle on a simple scramble run. In a matter of seconds, you could feel the air come out of the limited number of fans at AT&T stadium, and the lifeless looks on surrounding teammates, as Dak was carted off the field with tears coming down his face. What was going to happen to this team with such high expectations just a month ago.

After three blowout losses, two of which came on primetime tv, this team is on the verge of crumbling. There are two directions that this can lead to. One way is to power through the season, keeping all the pieces together and fight for a playoff spot in a very weak division. The other, and more unpopular pick around ownership, is to sell off valuable assets and prepare for next year via draft compensation. If I was the owner, I would take option two.

Where do we go from here

The 2021 NFL draft might be the only thing that can save this franchise. Instead of keeping old and expensive pieces, it is best to try and trade or outright release players? Can the draft fill holes at a much cheaper price than free agency? The biggest question looming in the coming months is what to do with Dak?

Dak proved he can put up numbers, but the biggest asset he has is leadership. This team was much more together when he was a part of it. Without him in the huddle and in the locker room, this team falls apart. How does Dak come back from a horrific injury and will he return to full health?

Dak’s Future

Switching over to Dak’s point of view, does he want to go back to this mess? How much guaranteed money does he think he is worth? Does he take another chance and sign a second franchise tag after suffering an injury? Does Jerry Jones finally work out a long term contract to keep him in Dallas?

Move on from bad assets

The best course of action for Dallas to navigate now is seeing who can contribute this year. Some big name players have already been removed. Everson Griffin and Dontarie Poe are example’s of this. Could a big trade happen before the deadline?  It is time to reconstruct the offensive line.  Tyron Smith and Zack Martin are the only remaining pieces of a dominant line. The defense is setting the wrong kind of records. Does it make sense to overhaul a draft and rebuild the whole defense?  Any fan of the cowboys would aggressively say yes.


Rest of 2020 season

The rest of this season is important for the future. This needs to be a rehearsal for the remaining members of this team to see who is worthy of being a member of the 2021 squad. This league has shown that quick turnarounds are possible. Similarly, look at the Arizona Cardinals. Dallas will need to swallow some pride and figure out what needs to be done.

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