The Vikings once again fail to beat the Seahawks in Primetime

The Vikings once again fall to the Seahawks in Primetime

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By James Larsen October 12, 2020 0 Comment
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The Minnesota Vikings continue to lose to the Seahawks in heartbreaking fashion. When will it end?

With all of the pain Minnesota Vikings fans have gone through over the past decade playing the Seahawks, it looked like it’d finally end on Sunday. That is, until Russell Wilson showed up. Wilson worked his magic once again, and the Seahawks came away with another win against the Vikings in the final minutes.

Let’s break down what made this loss to the Seahawks so difficult for the Vikings.

The offense performed well enough to win

Kirk Cousins’ fumbled the ball away, and threw an interception to Kendall Wright which caused a 14 point run from Seattle during the third quarter. Aside from a mediocre third quarter, Kirk Cousins played a darn good game. He finished the night with 27 completions on 39 attempts, 249 yards, and two touchdowns. His

After Seattle took a 21-13 lead off of Cousins’ turnovers, he stepped it up and made some excellent throws to Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson to give Minnesota the lead. In times past, we’ve seen him fold under pressure. Last night, he put the team on his shoulders and put them in a position to win.

What went wrong?

It’s easy to point the finger squarely at Kirk Cousins after this loss. But that’s not entirely fair, nor is it accurate. There were several things that went wrong on Sunday night.

To begin , the Vikings offense really faltered in the third quarter, which allowed Seattle to get back into the game. Minnesota’s defense shut them out in the first half. But two turnovers in their own territory allowed the Seahawks to score 21 points in just two minutes, and just like that it was an eight point game.

One of the main reasons the Vikings offense sputtered in the third was because of Dalvin Cook’s injury. He got hurt on their first drive of the second half, which led to a quick three and out. While he returned for a short period of time, he ended up sitting out the rest of the game.

Alexander Mattison filled in for Cook, and played an excellent fourth quarter. On 20 carries he had 112 yards, averaging 5.6 yards per run. Once Mattison got going, the offense was able to score two more times to regain the lead. So, how did Minnesota end up losing by one point in the final seconds?

One poor play call led to disaster

The Vikings had the game in their grasp. They had a 26-21 lead with only two minutes to play. It was their ball on Seattle’s six-yard line, 4th and inches. A first down wins them the game, while a field goal gives them an eight point lead.

Mike Zimmer decided to keep his offense out on the field, instead of taking the points. It turned out to be a game-altering decision. Mattison was stopped just inches before the first down marker.

The Vikings handed Russell Wilson the ball at his own six yard line, with 1:57 to play and one timeout.

The defense couldn’t get a clutch stop

Before we get into this segment, we have to acknowledge that Minnesota’s defense played a great game. The Vikings shut out the Seahawks in the first half. Furthermore, two of Seattle’s touchdowns in the second half came off of Minnesota turnovers in their own territory.

Even after Seattle took the lead, the defense held their ground to keep Minnesota in the game. However, they couldn’t come up with a play to close out the game.

First, they had Seattle where they wanted them early on the drive. 4th and 10, on their own 23 yard line. Then, this happened:

Seattle proceeded to march down inside the 10, but the Vikings stopped them on three consecutive plays (including an excellent knock away by Mike Hughes). But, once again, they couldn’t get the final stop on 4th down, as Wilson found Metcalf for the game-winner.

With only a few seconds left, the offense didn’t have any gas left in the tank, and Kirk Cousins ended up fumbling the ball away on the final play of the game.The 27-26 final dropped Minnesota to 1-4.

What can the Vikings look at moving forward?

The Vikings are 1-4 and they have not had things go their way this season. With that being said, they have a lot of talent, and are just a couple plays away from being 3-2.

Kirk Cousins did enough to potentially get Minnesota a win, and Alexander Mattison played a phenomenal game after Cook left. The defense also played well, despite not getting the final stop.

If the Vikings can simply avoid making these mistakes at the end of ball games, they will start winning more often. Their 1-4 record does not reflect who they truly are as a team.

With the 0-5 Atlanta Falcons coming to town next week, this might just be the chance they need to turn this season around.

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