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Value Bets – Approaches to betting with a small bankroll

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By Michael Coletta July 28, 2020 3 Comment
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How to bet with a small bank roll

As a broke college student with a love for sports betting, I am always looking for value bets to make. Taking juice of -150 and up just does not do it for me, I like the idea of putting down a little to win a little more. This is not the best strategy when it comes to betting as you may know, because the nerds in Vegas do quite a good job of setting lines for each event. That is why I use these few tricks to get the most bang for my buck when I want to bet on something.

Approach 1: Small Parlays

Everybody loves a good parlay, but everybody also knows that they almost never hit, especially when you make them too big. I can not even tell you how many times I’ve had a 5, 6, or even once, an 8 team parlay miss just because of a single game (still salty that Virginia couldn’t cover a +35 spread in last years ACC championship). For this reason, you HAVE to make them smaller. One of my favorite things to do is taking 2-3 favorites and getting a -110 or even a plus money play out of it. This way, you get to have money on two to three games at once, without having to lay the juice on all of them.

Another good parlay strategy is to take a line that you like that’s around the -120 to -160 range and toss it in a parlay with a heavy favorite. This can quickly get your play to be even money or better, while not having to risk much more to get it there. DISCLAIMER: This can absolutely screw you if you are putting to much on the line for 1 favorite. Betting soccer the past few months, I have come to learn that no big dog is ever out of the question when it comes to ruining your bets. Manchester United has killed more parlays than I can count at -400 juice and even more. Throwing these favorites in your parlays are an easy way to get some more value but can screw you if those favorites have a bad night.

Approach two: 3rd period live hockey under’s

One of my favorite value bets to make is to bet the under in an NHL game in around the 17-minute mark of the 3rd period. If the Boston Bruins are beating the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2 at home, the live total line will normally be 7.5, 7, or 6.5 with some juice when the 3rd period starts. However, if you stay on top of this line, it will get better and better value with each passing minute.

Around the 17-minute mark, the live total, in this case, will normally jump to 6.5 at +200, or sometimes better. Vegas is counting on the Lightning to tie the game 3-3 and guarantee an over 6.5 result. Taking the under in this situation is one of my favorite plays. If the score stands, then you win. If the home team scores an empty net and the game ends, you win. The value is great, and all you have to root for is that the team that is within 1 goal doesn’t tie the game. Going to be taking this a lot when hockey resumes.

There are many ways to win money betting, and even more ways to lose. The two approaches that I mentioned above are just a few of the ways that I try to get better value bets when sports betting. Follow at your own risk, because the gambling gods have a sick sense of humor, and you never know when they are going to want to have a laugh at your expense… literally.

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Greg Heffley

July 29, 2020

Long time reader first time commenter. Great work I for one love to take score in first inning in every baseball game every played.


Michael Coletta

July 29, 2020

Thanks Linus, glad you enjoyed the piece!


Linus Alfackston

July 29, 2020

Great read!

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