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Could Tua Tagovailoa answer the Miami Dolphins quarterback dilemma?

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By Andy Cardelle Jr March 4, 2020 0 Comment
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Is Tua Tagovailoa the answer to the Miami Dolphins quarterback? What makes the former Alabama quarterback the solution before entering the NFL?

Is Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa the answer at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins? The Miami Dolphins have had different general managers, plenty of coaches, and completely different regimes during the last decade.

The 2019 season came with a new disciplined Coach Brian Flores with General Manager Chris Grier remaining at the current position. Grier and company labeled as leaders of a new task, “Tank for Tua,” dismantled the roster to make it easier to secure a top draft pick, and have all the options to choose the future QB of the franchise. They managed to finish with a record of 5-11 with an arsenal of 14 picks in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Everyone knows that Miami passed on Future HOF quarterback Drew Brees when the lovely Nick Saban was the coach. Now, we have a chance to draft his clone, but the lefty version. Tua is an intelligent Qb with leadership abilities that enables his teammates to gravitate and rally with him. Of course, he’s not the next Lamar Jackson. Still, Tua has the mobility, but most importantly, the natural pocket presence to avoid pass rushers to find throwing lanes with his accuracy rivaled by none.

Russell Wilson is a great comparison. They are identical players when looking at the body type and play style. Miami needs to build the offensive line this offseason, so Tua won’t have to relive the same threat of running for his life every play like Russell, and then Tua will be just as successful.

Tua has been named the “messiah” of our franchise. He has all the intangibles physically and mentally to be a star in this league. He has an attitude that is marketable for fans to fall in love with him.

We won’t talk about his medicals because some genuinely believe he is not as injury prone as many assume, which is why Miami has the perfect situation for Tua. Grier and Flores can trade up to the third overall pick in the draft to select him. Can he sit behind Ryan Fitzpatrick to ensure his body has fully healed, before taking over as the starter?

Wins, Playoffs, and Super Bowls. That is all that matters in this league. Can Tua Tagovailoa be the player to change this franchise and lead them to these accolades?

Simple. YES.

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