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By Tyler Kuppler February 28, 2020 0 Comment
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The Tennessee Titans fan base has been split since week 6 of the 2019 football season. When Titans coach Mike Vrabel made the fateful quarterback switch late in the Titans/Broncos game, that would set off a chain reaction for their season. It was the best possible decision Vrabel could have made. The Tennessee Titans offense was completely broken with Marcus Mariota as starting quarterback. You would have to have been blind to disagree, and while at the time Ryan Tannehill wasn’t the sexy move at quarterback, it was the correct move. Now, in hindsight, we all know how this played out, Tannehill played great. With him at the helm, the Titans reached the AFC Championship for the first time since the 2002 season. As well as Tannehill played, he didn’t win over the fanbase.

The other side of the fanbase was the common sense non-emotional side. The pro-Tannehill side started with fans just wanting to see if it was offensive coordinator Arthur Smith bogging down the offense or Mariota. The pro-Tannehill side was immediately vindicated, as Tennessee’s offense immediately began showing signs of life.

The rest is now history, with Mariota set to be a free agent and a return to Tennessee unlikely. Ryan Tannehill is also a free agent, who would seem the obvious choice at  the quarterback position for the foreseeable future. Apparently, that is not the case.

Rumors are now swirling around the Titans that Tom Brady wants to play in Tennessee. The fanbase is divided, as the Mariota supporters have transitioned to Brady. While Brady is without a doubt at this point the GOAT, no arguing against it, he has 6 SuperBowl rings. There would be major consequences if Jon Robinson signs of’ TB12.

While Tom Brady would, without a doubt, fill seats in Nissan Stadium with his presence, the Titans offense would suffer without a doubt. You  would be getting the polar opposite of Ryan Tannehill, who made the Titans offensive reach franchise highs.

Brady who is going to be 43 years old by the time the season starts, is more of a “checkdown charlie,” at this stage of his career rather than the vertically attacking quarterback he once was. The Michigan product operates a dink and dunk style offense, while effective over the years, is not how Tennessee’s offense operates.

Brady over the last half decade has done the majority of his damage throwing to small shifty receivers out of the slot, and running backs out of the backfield. The Titans do have Adam Humphries who the Patriots tried to acquire last offseason but choose Tenessee. The Titans other receivers are more vertically oriented as A.J Brown and Corey Davis make their living coming off of deep crossers, posts, or seem routes.

Signing Brady also has the potential to lessen the Titans most valuable offensive asset in Derrick Henry. Brady at this stage of his career has nothing when it comes to mobility, seemingly forcing himself to play from the shotgun to have more time to operate. Running a predominant shotgun offense wouldn’t be using Henry to his full advantage. He operates much better running from prostyle under center offensive schemes. Making Henry run from shotgun doesn’t allow him to build up his game breaking speed once he has made it to the offensive line.

You also lose the play action threat of your offense, which was the bread and butter of Tennessee’s passing attack. Speaking of offense line, the already immobile Brady took 28 sacks the past year in New England as opposed to Tennessee allowing 56 sacks. While I don’t think the Titans offensive line is as bad as the sack number indicates, pass blocking wise they are a significant step down from New England.

It is less than a month away from potentially the most exciting free agency period of all time, and there have been enough rumors to raise eyebrows about Brady to Tennessee. In the end, the negatives outweigh the positives. Tennessee should steer clear of the GOAT, and bring back Ryan Tannehill. But we will see what Jon Robinson chooses to do, and how strong the friendship is between Brady and Vrabel. The ball is going to be in Robinson’s court and It’s fair to say, whatever decision he makes it will likely be the right move.



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