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By Mike Brez September 19, 2020 0 Comment
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On Sunday at noon, the Tennessee Titans will be hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars for their first matchup of the season.

The Jaguars are coming off of a hot 27-20 win over the Indianapolis Colts. How will the Titans defense prepare to stop this young, talented Jaguars offense?

#1: Pressure Gardner Minshew and Cover Short Passes

Gardner Minshew has won the starting quarterback position and the last time he played against the Titans, he led the Jaguars to victory. Minshew is not the most talented or athletically gifted quarterback in the NFL, but he still does possess the ability to make plays.

In their Week 1 matchup against Indianapolis, the Jaguars offense succeeded with several short explosive passes. Their success came off 5-7 yard plays, not 15+ yard plays, so the Tennessee linebacker corps is going to have to step up from a pass coverage standpoint. With players like Jayon Brown and Rashaan Evans, fans should feel confident that the short plays will be covered.

How else can the Titans affect the short, explosive plays? Pressuring Minshew. The Titans pass rush looked solid on Monday against Denver, and considering the offensive line they are facing, fans should expect to see a couple of sacks and several plays in the backfield.

#2: Create Momentum Shifting Plays

This is something the Titans defense is known for: shifting the flow of the game instantaneously. These two franchises have so much distaste for each other. This is absolutely the type of game fans should expect extra heart from their team.

In a rivalry that runs as deep as this one, morale is a huge part of the game. If one team is able to control the tone over the other, it will impact the scoreboard substantially. The Titans defense has the opportunity to set the offense up for success with momentum shifts and that will be key to the success of the team on Sunday.

#3: Stop the Run

James Robinson was key to the Jaguars success over the Colts defense. He may not have had a crazy stat line, but he did make some key conversion plays. The Titans defense will have to do what they are phenomenal at, and stop the run.

Between the defensive line and the linebacker corps, fans should feel comfortable with the run stop defense. But this is still a key to the Titans victory over the Jaguars on Sunday. Expect to see Jadeveon Clowney, Harold Landry, and Jeffery Simmons to make some big run stop plays in the backfield.

The talent on the Titans defense greatly outweighs the Jaguars offense. But the team has to show up ready to play and prove a point on Sunday to ensure success. The Tennessee Titans should ultimately stop the Jaguars. But these 3 keys should lead the Titans defense to success over the Jaguars.

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