Three Eagles Coaching Candidates to Replace Doug Pederson

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By Dakota Pratscher December 3, 2020 0 Comment
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The Philadelphia Eagles Failed Season is a Coaching Issue

To put it plainly, the 2020 Philadelphia Eagles are hot garbage. Everything from top to bottom this season has been a disaster. There are very few positive outlooks this team can offer in 2021. However,  a change in coaching can be one of the best ways to straighten the ship for the foreseeable future. Jeffrey Lurie should fire both Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz sooner rather than later. Today though, let’s focus on the top three head-coaching candidates to take Pederson’s job for the Eagles.

 Eric Bieniemy

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Eric Bieniemy is the unanimous choice for most Eagles fans. Bieniemy should have been hired last season as a head coach; yet somehow, he was never offered a job. Bieniemy is the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs and his offense looks unstoppable. The Chiefs may have the greatest offensive roster ever assembled. Yes, even better than the greatest show on turf.

Bieniemy has the prerequisites the Philadelphia Eagles like to see in a head coach, and he comes from the Andy Reid tree. The Eagles like to hire candidates that they are familiar with, so Eric Bieniemy should fit this mold. If you ever watch the Chiefs, you can clearly see that Bieniemy knows how to scheme to his player’s strengths, which is something Philly has been lacking since their Super Bowl win.

Bieniemy also does not completely ignore the run game as Doug Pederson has frequently shown. Sure, Kansas City’s offensive line is much healthier this year than the Eagles, but that doesn’t mean Miles Sanders should only have eight total carries in a game.

Bieniemy is the best coaching candidate for the Eagles, but he will have many suitors, and with the Eagles cap situation and lack of talent, there could be better opportunities elsewhere.

Joe Brady

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Joe Brady is currently the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. Having Brady coach the Philadelphia Eagles would be a fantastic move for the front office. He knows how to get the best out of his quarterbacks.

In 2019, Joe Brady helped Joe Burrow go from late-round nobody at LSU to college Super-Star and eventual 1st-overall pick in last April’s draft. Burrow had one of the greatest seasons by a college quarterback ever that landed him a Heisman Trophy and a College Football National Championship.

The Panther’s offense ranks 19th in the league this season. Though far from stellar, the Panthers are much better than in previous years and it could have been easy to write them off when Christian McCaffery went down with an injury. Somehow though, the Panthers continued to impress on offense on the arm of Teddy Bridgewater.

Brady has helped Robbie Anderson evolve from a situational deep threat with the Jets to what should become an eventual 1,000-yard receiver this year. The proof is in the pudding, and, Joe Brady knows how to get the best out of his personnel. Philadelphia desperately needs a coach that knows how to utilize his players and Brady would be a great coach to try and bring Carson back to his 2017 form.

Duce Staley

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It has been debated for many years now that Duce Staley deserves a shot at being a head coach. This year might finally be the year, especially if Lurie decides enough is enough with his team’s performance in the last few weeks. If Doug were to get fired before the season is over, Duce would likely step in as interim head coach for the Eagles.

Duce would be a coach who likes to lean on the run game considering his background. This would give the offense some sort of identity. In a season where Carson Wentz is having his worse statistical season as a pro, having a run game would take some much-needed pressure off Wentz and the passing game. In turn, this will allow the team to run more play-action and get Wentz the opportunity to hit his pass catchers in stride.

As stated before, Lurie likes to hire people he is comfortable with, and Duce was a running back for the Eagles back when Andy Reid was head coach. Duce knows how the west coast offense works which may entice Lurie to make him the head man for the Eagles.

Hiring Staley as a head coach would be a smart move by the Eagles. Staley has earned high praise from Miles Sanders. Sanders stated last week he thinks Duce would be a terrific head coach.

The Verdict

All three of these coaching candidates would be great replacements for Doug Pederson.  The order in which the Eagles should pursue a new head coach is as follows: Joe Brady, Eric Bieniemy, and Duce Staley.

Brady’s ability to get the most out of his players would help Carson Wentz get back on track next season. Bieniemy would help turn this offense around, and make them fun to watch again with creative playcalling. Duce has familiarity with the organization and would be a players coach that the team could follow.

Hopefully, the Eagles make the right choice this offseason because the fans deserve better than what they got in 2020.


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