Three Denver Broncos facing Make or Break Seasons in 2020

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The Broncos have a young roster in place to be competitive for years, but 2020 will be a crucial year for trimming the fat off of the Broncos roster.

Things are looking up for the Denver Broncos. With young cornerstones such as Drew Lock, Courtland Sutton, and Justin Simmons, the Broncos have pieces in place to succeed. However, The Broncos’ roster does not set everyone up for success. ┬áThere are a few Broncos who are facing big make-or-break years in 2020.

DeaSean Hamilton

Touted as a highly skilled route runner coming out of Penn State, DeaSean Hamilton has failed to find a connection with any of the starting quarterbacks aside from Drew Lock. 191 of his 297 yards from the 2019 NFL Season came from playing with Drew Lock, nearly 65 percent of his yards. Hamilton needs to show that he can continue the chemistry with Lock, and provide a reliable veteran presence while younger players like Jerry Jeudy and K.J. Hamler develop.

Hamilton has a skillset that will work with Lock and the offense. Hamilton shows an understanding of defenses and how to adjust his routes according. In the Broncos’ last game of the season against the then Oakland Raiders, Hamilton provided Lock with many open throws. One route in particular saw Hamilton running a drag route underneath the coverage, and “sitting” in the open zone. Receivers are taught to stop their route and “sit” against zone, while continuing to run against sticky man coverage. Hamilton’s ability to process defenses at game speed gives him a chance to perform facing a make-or-break year.

Isaac Yiadom

After being taken in the 2018 NFL Draft, Isaac Yiadom was supposed to be the replacement for Bradley Roby. Yiadom was drafted out of Boston College and played with Justin Simmons while in college. He has shown flashes of elite talent, along with his ideal size for an outside corner. Unfortunately, Yiadom failed to catch up with the speed of the NFL. Facing a make-or-break year in 2020, Yiadom needs to show major improvement.

In the same game for Hamilton against the Raiders, Yiadom showed his talents as well as his struggles. Early against the Raiders, Yiadom lined up against Raiders’ rookie wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. Renfrow runs a double-move, which Yiadom goes after. After biting on the fake, Yiadom is left in the dirt as Hunter Renfrow runs wide open towards the end zone, dropping what should have been an easy touchdown. Plays like this show how Yiadom still has a long way to go to being an NFL starter.

In the same game, Yiadom flashes his skills and his impressive physical tools showing the player he is capable of becoming. Lined up against Renfrow in the red zone, the Raiders send Renfrow on a quick slant to the end zone. Yiadom gives Renfrow a free release at the line-of-scrimmage, and lets him work towards the end zone while following in trail technique. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr sees what looks like an open target, and throws to Hunter Renfrow. Issac Yiadom sees the pass, and quickly closes the gap on the open target, swatting the ball down. Yiadom consistently flashes plays like these, but fails to put them together consistently.

Garrett Bolles

Selected in the 2017 NFL Draft, Bolles looked to be the answer to the Broncos’ left tackle problem. Considered a smooth pass protector and a mauler in the run game, Bolles failed to adjust to the speed of the NFL game. Despite coaching from Von Miller on how to adjust to speed rushers, Bolles received multiple holding calls from NFL officiating crews to a point where General Manager John Elway publicly called Bolles out. With the last five weeks of the 2019 NFL Season with Drew Lock however, Bolles improved dramatically.

Fans and opposing teams know Bolles for his holding calls. Bolles was flagged for 13 holding calls, with six being declined. However, Bolles only had one holding call in the last five weeks with Drew Lock starting. Could this point to an improved 2020 NFL Season? Bolles looked noticeably better on film, and showed some of the potential of a first round NFL pick.

While the Broncos look to build off of their 2019 season, some players will not make the transition to greatness. Many veterans will be vying for a spot, and many will not make the cut. Bolles, Yiadom, and Hamilton need to stand out in 2020. These three players must show that they are capable of playing to NFL standards, or they will not be with the Broncos past 2020.


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