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By Sam Hicks December 26, 2020 0 Comment
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Battle Tested and Tennessee Tough

I’m a Nashville native—born and raised. Christmas this year was one that was sought after and a break from the pandemic-filled world we’ve found ourselves in. As we all know this was not the case. Yet again, Nashville deals with a test of this strength. 2020 for the Music City tested the spirit and courage of its residents in ways most wouldn’t have believed unless you read it in a movie script. Nashville is Tennessee Tough and, without a doubt, The Unbreakable City.

March.. The Beginning

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March 2nd started off as a normal cloudy Monday, but around 11:58 pm, everything changed. A small but deadly tornado outbreak affected West and Middle Tennessee on the night of March 2 and into the morning of March 3, 2020, including one that hit Northern Nashville, becoming the 6th costliest tornado in US history. There we a total of 25 deaths, over 300 injuries, with over 70,000 residents and businesses without power.

Restaurants went weeks with no power, lost thousands in product, and of course the people without work. The devastation was so massive that unfortunately some businesses never found there way back, and those that made it back on their feet had to fight like hell. Nashville has always been strong, but Tennessee Tough was born on this very night. Little did we know, that toughness was to be tested a lot this year.

The Unknown

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Shortly after the city banded together to rebuild and restart, the Covid-19 wave had other plans. As soon as the debris was cleared, a city wide lock-down was issued as the pandemic was rapidly increasing in cases. Without even a break in between, doors were closed once again, and this is when it got deadly serious for food service.

While some shifted to takeout and delivery, and others chose to remain closed temporarily. There have been several Nashville restaurants that did not reopen at all. Small businesses other than restaurants found themselves in terrifying situations, even with some getting the PPP loan, the survival of a lot of these businesses was on the line.

Nashville rose up in the face of the unknown. Shop local became a battle cry, delivery and outdoor dining became a norm, and mask up was heard around the city. There’s a long way to go for Nashville to recover, and the battle with Covid-19 is far from finished, but what we do know for sure is this city fights back. Something about the resilience of the natives that refuse to back down even though getting hit with this right after a tornado was enough for anyone to call life unfair.

Due to companies having layoffs and some businesses not able to make it back, Nashville’s residents had to adapt. New careers, including yours truly, new positions, new normal’s in the terms of bottom lines. The hospitality business to get hit the way it did was unheard of, but being Tennessee Tough, people adapted to survive and some have risen like phoenix from the ashes.

Not So Merry

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Holidays look different enough due to the pandemic, but what happened on Christmas was a heavy punch to the gut. Many in Nashville decided to keep the gatherings small this year to keep loved ones safe. Phone and video calls are an alternative used in place of getting to wrap arms around those they couldn’t see this year. At 6:30 am central time, due to an intentional bombing, many of Nashville’s own found themselves unreachable.

According to sources a RV explosion near the AT&T building caused a widespread loss of communications to phone and internet for AT&T users. As of the time this was written there were three injuries, and no deaths from the explosion due to some amazing officers that had worked on evacuation of the area prior to the detonation.


The reasons behind such an act have not been uncovered as of yet. Stopping families from being unable to reach each other on Christmas? Maybe, but these heroes along with others jumped into action. Not even aware if the danger was over, they rushed to do whatever it took to protect their city. In a year where first responders deserve to be recognized more than ever, they keep showing up. Some on the scene were more than likely on call and yanked up at 6:30 am from their homes. ALL of them answered the bell for their city.

Tennessee Tough

Nashville is what I love to call, “the New York” of the south. The popularity is absolutely bananas, as most of us never considered the city would be a tourist attraction. The amazing growth of our sports franchises, trendy restaurants, and Broadway, have made Nashville more than just the music city.

This year has been a lot for the 615, and 2021 can’t get here soon enough. With that being said, if anything or anyone thinks testing Nashville’s resolve is a good idea you lack serious IQ. This is our city and we will not be broken. Tennessee Tough is much more than a saying. It’s who we are, what we are made of, and when we stand together, we are UNBREAKABLE!


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