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The Philadelphia Eagles Reward Jason Peters for Move to Left Tackle

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By Shannon Algarin September 10, 2020 0 Comment
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Doug Pederson announced that Jason Peters was taking over left tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles. Now the Birds are returning the favor.

On Monday September 7, 2020, Coach Doug Pederson announced that Jason Peters made the decision to move to play left tackle. Peters made the decision to make the move after demanding more pay to take the position on game days.

Jason Peters was brought in to play right guard.

Jason Peters was signed to a one year contact in July 2020 to play right guard for the injured Brandon Brooks. His one year contract was signed for $3 million guaranteed. The plan was for Andre Dillard to take over the left tackle position and Peters would stay at right guard. That all changed when Dillard went down with a biceps injury on August 27th. Jason Peters was willing to make the move to left tackle, but not until his contract was renegotiated.

Peters had a change of heart on Labor Day.

Before Peters was guaranteed more money he made the choice to move to the left tackle position for the benefit of the team. He knew that if he took care of the team that the team would take care of him as well. The Philadelphia Eagles did that today by giving him a contract with up to $8 million that includes a $2 million signing bonus and $4 million guaranteed.  

Quarterback Carson Wentz is excited to have Peters protecting his blindside again.

Carson Wentz also met with the media on Monday. He could hardly contain his excitement for Peters to be back at left tackle. He affectionally called Peters the Bodyguard and told reporters that Peters has always taken care of him. Wentz was genuinely excited to see everything work out even if it did see last minute.

Peters bet that if he made the right moves for the team that the team would do right by him. That bet certainly paid off in his favor. No one expects Jason Peters to play after this season, and it is nice to see him get the contract he deserves one last time.


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