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The NFL Top 10: Week 4 edition

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By Christian Wolf October 1, 2020 0 Comment
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The week 4 top 10 is here and is looking a lot different. There have been a lot of changes in just a week, so lets see what’s new.

There were a lot of changes this week. Some upsets and unexpected performances showed themselves. Which teams have now earned a top as a top 10 team? You don’t have to wait any longer.

Here are the week 4 top 10 teams in the NFL.

The top 10: #10 – Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals take a tumble on my list after a surprising loss at home against the 0-2 Detriot Lions. This was a game that nearly everyone had Arizona winning handily. Detroit’s offense showed up and played up to its potential. The Cardinals still have an easy schedule for the next few weeks, so they will recover.

But a loss like this is surprising nonetheless. The Lions looked to be among the worst teams in the NFL, and now they have a win against a team competing for a playoff spot.

The top 10: #9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Maybe it was just a slow start to the season week 1. But even against a depleted Broncos team, the Bucs looked a lot better. They are still deep playoff contenders.

Tom Brady is starting to find his rhythm with the offense and is looking like he will help this Bucs group become of the top offensive units in the NFL.

The top 10: #8 – Los Angeles Rams

The Rams were down early to the Bills before nearly completing a monster comeback. They may have been on the bad end of a bad call that lost them the game, but the Rams still showed fight.

The Rams have the Giants and Washington next on their schedule, so they, like the Cardinals, have a chance to bounce back these next few weeks. They shouldn’t feel bad about this loss, and arguably should have won.

The top 10: #7 – New England Patriots

The Patriots are now 2-1 but play like a 3-0 team. Seattle was their only loss, and they were 3 yards short of getting the win. The Raiders played well against the Saints a week ago but were thrown back down to earth. Cam Newton seems like he is replacing Tom Brady just fine.

Which is not what the rest of the NFL needs.

The top 10: #6 – Pittsburgh  Steelers

The Steelers are now 3-0 and atop the AFC North but they have yet to play a real strong opponent. This week they play a Titans team who will also be the Steelers’ first opponent with a win.

Here is an opportunity to prove they are a team to be taken seriously. The Titans and Ryan Tannehill are looking to return to the postseason and need every win they can get. Should be a showdown.

The top 5: #5 – Buffalo Bills

Bills move up a notch after a hard-fought win against the Rams. The blown comeback is concerning but Josh Allen‘s performance was not. The Rams are not an easy team to beat.

The Bills are atop the AFC East but closely chased by the Patriots. Josh Allen needs to play this well consistently. If he does, it’s the Bills division for the taking.

The top 5: #4 – Green Bay Packers

The Packers are 100% for real. Going into New Orleans and beating the Saints is something many teams can’t do. The Packers are one of the few that can. They have now scored 35+ points in every game thus far, proving they are an elite offensive group. Jordan Love might have to wait a while before getting his chance in Green Bay.

The top 5: #3 – Seattle Seahawks

Seattle had trouble with the Cowboys, but the Cowboys are not a pushover. The Seahawks have now beaten 2 strong opponents in Dallas and New England, a great start to the year. Now can they keep it up?

Russell Wilson is looking like an MVP and has no end in sight for this campaign. The Seahawks look like they are turning into the NFC favorite to go to the Super Bowl.

The top 5: #2 – Baltimore Ravens

There had to be a winner and a loser. The Ravens were the loser. Kansas City looks more prepared, but Baltimore isn’t going anywhere. They now can look and see what went wrong, and can easily improve on this performance. Lamar Jackson had some troubles at times but his receivers didn’t help.

Dropped ball after dropped ball. The Ravens defense was basically non-existent as well. If Kansas City didn’t fumble and was able to convert on a 4th and inches they easily could have had 40 or 45 points.

Now the #1 team on the top 10 list…

#1 – Kansas City Chiefs

No more debates as of now. The Chiefs came into Baltimore and dominated pretty much from start to finish. They had more fight than Baltimore and looked more prepared from top to bottom.

This team could easily win back to back Super Bowls. Their offense is that good. The defense is nothing to overlook either.

These top 10 teams change by week. There are so many teams who are worthy to be taken seriously in the top 10 week 4, but don’t always make it. Make sure to check back next week and see if your team makes it on.

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