Janelle Pierzina

The Legend of Janelle Pierzina

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Taking a look at Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina

As soon as the veto competition ended, all the live feeders, casuals, and contestants in the All Star House knew that it was over for Janelle Pierzina. Janelle is a legend of this game and is somebody that you cannot let escape the block. You give Janelle a week, and she can last the entire summer in the Big Brother house. She has shown over the 16 years since she started playing Big Brother, that she is a competition beast and is the total package for a Big Brother player.

You don’t get to the Final three twice and become a coach for new players by luck. It was earned by her being one of the best players to ever play. Janelle Pierzina is somebody who doesn’t give up and is emotionless in the best way possible. In the beginning of her Big Brother playing days, she does back to back seasons and has referenced it in this season as “something that is not a big deal”.

Not to mention, she also placed 3rd in both seasons showing how much of an incredible player she is. Being apart of the Sovereign Six with legendary players like Kaysar, Howie, and James, she became a fan favorite quickly. From her first HOH win to surviving the block 6 times, Janelle was the underdog and just refused to give up and lose. 


Janelle in the house

In Big Brother 7 (All Stars 1), Janelle was a gigantic target being in the biggest alliance of the house with her guys from S6. She was ducking and dodging making an alliance with Chilltown that helped her get to another 3rd place win. That alliance along with the S6 alliance gave her the ability to avoid the block until the Final 3. Oh, and I guess 9 competition wins helped her way to the end of BB7 by winning 4 HOH and 5 vetos. Janelle was a HOH away from the Final Two, which would have allowed her to get to the  end for the only time in her Big Brother career.

When Janelle came back for Big Brother 14, she was a coach with Dan Gheesling, Mike Boogie (yikes), and Britney Haynes. Janelle drafted Chef Joe, Wil, and Ashley to her team and they stayed on her team until Day 27. On Day 27 of Big Brother 14, the fans voted to allow the coaches to decide to to hit the reset button.

By hitting the button, it would allow the coaches to enter the games as individuals. Britney, Dan, and Janelle hit the button which gave the coaches to be put back into the game as their own players. Janelle and her longtime rival Boogie, could not be on the same page as individuals in the game. Boogie convinced the then HOH, Danielle Murphree, to put Janelle on the block with the veto. Janelle would be backdoored and voted out of Big Brother 14.

Janelle in All-stars

When the rumors came around for BB22 and that it was All Stars 2, Janelle’s name was all over the internet. Many said it was incredibly obvious that she was coming back for yet another All-Star season. Janelle came into the season with her partner from Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7, Kaysar Ridha. This was an incredibly up-hill battle for these two and for Janelle, near impossible for her to even make jury. It is no doubt Janelle is a legend. Big Brother did not let us forget it when Janelle wore the big bright yellow star costume as her Week 1 punishment.

Without Janelle we will see how far Kaysar can go in this All Stars house. Janelle may have went pre jury in Big Brother 22, but her long history in the Big Brother house is still incredible. She is always a Big Brother legend.

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