The head coach your team needs in 2021

Top 8 NFL Head Coaching Candidates Your Team Needs in 2021!

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With the regular season coming towards the last few weeks we take a look at the head coach your team needs in 2021!

We are about to enter week 13 of the season and multiple teams will be thinking about next year. Do we keep our backroom staff? Do we keep our Head Coach? Is our Quarterback good enough? These are just some of the questions for many teams to be thinking about. So here we look at the head coach your team needs in 2021!

Eric Bieniemy

Bieniemy is currently the offensive coordinator for Superbowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. It was shocking that no-one came in for him for 2020 but now you have to feel he will get his chance. He did an interview for the Giants and Panthers last year but was not taken. He has been in charge of the best offense in the league and the development of Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs have looked great this year and the offense has been ticking along nicely. This is his time and someone should take Bieniemy before it’s too late.

Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh is one of the best defensive minds in the NFL and that’s always hard to find. In a league where the offense is king, a quality defensive mind is what a lot of teams need. The San Francisco 49ers made it to the Superbowl in the 19/20 season only to lose out to Kansas City. Saleh was the mastermind of the modern cover three scheme and had the second-best defense in the league. This year the team has been decimated by injuries but still looks like one of the best in the league. He was interviewed for the Cleveland job last year but someone should take a shot at Saleh and his defensive mindset.

Don (Wink) Martindale

Martindale has been in charge of the Baltimore defense for a while now and deserves his chance. Everyone was focusing on Lamar Jackson last year but the defense was the real star of that team. They finished third in points allowed and fourth in yards allowed all of last season. He did an interview for the Giants job last year but they went in a different direction. As mentioned earlier you need to have defensive-minded people in the NFL and Don Martindale is a guy to back.

Todd Bowles

Another strong defensive coach is Todd Bowles who deserves another crack at being a head coach. Previously he had been with the New York Jets but he had a bad team and it was a constant struggle. Since being the defensive coordinator in Tampa Bay their defense has improved. Last year they were one of the best in the league and this year they are also looking decent. He would be ideal for a team that has a solid defense but his time in New York might go against him.

Brian Daboll

Daboll has shown promise over the last few years as the Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator. There is a direct relation to the improvement of Josh Allen and Brian Daboll coaching him. Not only is it just the improvement of Allen that is impressive but also the general improvement of the offense. Players like Cole Beasley have become a must-play for Buffalo and that’s due to Daboll’s coaching. He has had some strong head coaches above him in Nick Saban and Bill Belichek before his time at Buffalo. Daboll missed out on the Cleveland job last year and deserves a shot at the big job.

Joe Brady

Brady has had a crazy couple of years and it would not be shocking to see him land a big job. He guided LSU with Joe Burrow to the national title and quickly became the offensive coordinator at Carolina. Now he has managed to guide the Panthers to become the 12th best offense this year. Not only has this been a surprise he has also done it with Christian McCaffery being injured for most of the season. It would be surprising if he doesn’t get mentioned for a big job in the offseason.

Lincoln Riley

Riley has been great for Oklahoma in the last few years and will be on many NFL teams’ lists. He has managed to coach some top quality Quarterbacks and has shown that he would be capable. Not only that but the success of Kliff Kingsbury at Arizona will only make him more attractive. It is always a risk-taking on a coach straight out of college but Riley is someone to take a punt on.

Dan Mullen

Mullen has looked good at Florida and he fits the general trend of offensive-minded coaches in the NFL. He also has a superb track record in developing Quarterbacks who have made it to the NFL. Dak Prescott, Alex Smith, and Tim Tebow have all made it to the NFL due to Mullen and his coaching. Additionally, they are currently having one of their best seasons with a record of 7-1 and sit ahead of Georgia. Mullen fits the bill and could make the transition to the NFL if a team was to take a chance on him.


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