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By Josh Davis November 17, 2020 0 Comment
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We had two weeks to prepare for the 2-7 Giants, who got both of those wins against Washington. Two weeks and the Eagles lost, 27-17. Let me tell you what Philadelphia needs. It’s a short answer, but not very simple.

Fix the wasted plays. What qualifies as a wasted play is whether a penalty negated a positive play or bad technique caused a player to miss a play, or bad playcalling just flat out wasted a play.

NFL games come down to four or five plays, but you never know when those plays are going to happen. So you have to put yourself in the best position to make a play. Or winning the NFC East is out the window.

Here’s what I have seen:



Wentz gets in his head early in games and plays at a pedestrian level. Fundamentals go out the window. He stops stepping into passes, holds on to the ball too long, stares his targets down, and makes throws that no one can complete.

Most of his interceptions have come on first down. Five of those such plays came in the first half. When allowed to think on his own, instead of trusting his coaches and players to do their jobs, he fails.

But, when he is allowed to just play. Based on coaching and instincts, there’s almost no one better. We have to stop the 1st down passes, run it more, get Sanders and Scott rolling early. Then ease into the passing game.

Move the pocket. With only two starters (Kelce and Johnson), the Giants pass rush could key on the lack of experience, and get their rush from the inside out. By moving the pocket, we slow the rush.

Philadelphia’s offensive linemen are athletic, they can move. Slide it out, Wentz can make two to three reads quickly, and decide whether to sling it or run.

Bottom line, get Wentz out of his head. He’s not good when he’s overthinking.


We actually have a lot of talent back there. And they’re always around the ball, rarely getting burned. The biggest issue that I’ve seen is the DBs do not turn their heads. Ever. There were three times against the Giants that if the corners had turned their heads to see the ball, at least one of them would have been an interception.

But when the WR is the only one looking at the ball, it’s almost automatically his. The rule about pass interference has changed, you no longer have to have your head on the swivel to protect yourself from getting called, but that doesn’t mean you don’t turn your head. See the ball, attack the ball.

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Look, I understand you want to work in some trickery. Jalen Hurts is a great athlete. But not a single Giants player was afraid of him throwing the ball. We wasted two plays and netted 1 yard. Dakota talked about it in his pregame article, we can’t beat ourselves, any longer.

RUN. We are 3rd in the league in passing plays. That’s 63.7% of our offense. We pass a lot on 1st down. This needs to stop. Run early. Run often. But not with Jalen Hurts. Philadelphia needs to know this. The Eagles have incredible running backs at their disposal. Use them.

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Kelce has been at the top of the game at the center position forever it seems like. But this year, and especially against New York, his low snaps tear the rhythm apart, and a play cannot be made. If Wentz has to duck and take his eyes off the coverage, he can’t compute where to go with the ball as quickly as he needs to.

He ends up gathering the ball, only to have the rush in his face, with no time. We have to make sure these offensive guys, especially our batteries (Wentz and Kelce) are working on the fundamentals. Can’t let their veteran status make them exempt from that in practice.

Courtesy of NFL Gamepass


Yes, there were some positives. The defensive line seems to be getting it done, for the most part. It’s behind them that made the Giants’ run game look so great. The line got eight hits on Daniel Jones, three of those were sacks, add in another 3 tackles for loss, and we have some good production from the guys up front.

Despite the loss, Philadelphia is still sitting on top of the NFC East. But we cannot continue this. We need a new scheme defensively. Our linebackers cannot be put on receivers. We will get torched every time.

Just like a QB can see where he has man on the outside, the safety needs to be close, but deep. Anything over the middle will stay in front of him, and a play can be made. But QBs are making a living off our corners being all alone on islands.

So much of this is fixed with a different approach. How much longer will it be until Howie realizes that the Jim Schwartz defense doesn’t work for us?

Philadelphia needs a lot. But it isn’t impossible to do. Fix the snaps. Cut out the penalties. That’s a discipline issue. Get Wentz out of his head, and cornerbacks…turn your head when the receiver gives you his tell, see the ball, make a play on the ball.


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