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The Failure of Dave Gettleman

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By Anthony Esbensen October 2, 2020 0 Comment
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Read about the failures of Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, a team that fails to even beat Nick Mullens and the 49ers.

On December 28th, 2017 the New York football Giants found their replacement for Jerry Reese. The Giants hired former Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman. Gettleman in his opening press conference with the G-men laid out his master plan to build the team.

The Master Plan

“My plan is to come in here every day and kick ass,” said Gettleman. This New York Giants team did exactly the opposite last week against Nick Mullens and the 49ers. That game brought Gettleman’s record as Giants GM to 9-26. Some of the teams that have better records than Gettleman’s Giants include the Jaguars, Browns, Dolphins, and the Lions. Let’s remind everyone that the Dolphins tried to tank, the Jaguars 2017 year was the year before, the Browns have had 4 different head coaches, and the Lions are cursed. This is the tier that Gettleman has put this historic franchise in. If the Jets didn’t exist right now, the Giants would be the laughing stock of the NFL.

“In terms of team building, I’m old fashioned. Offense scores points. Defense wins championships. There’s been six matchups, I believe, in the Super Bowl of No. 1 offenses versus No. 1 defenses, and the defenses have won five of the six. So I truly believe in that. I’m going to say this right now. Style of offense has changed, obviously – there’s that college influence, so obviously the style of defense has changed to a certain degree. But at the end of the day, it’s the same three things you’ve had to do in ’35 that you got to do now in 2018. You got to run the ball. (…) stop the run. You got to pressure the passer. Everywhere I’ve been and with the great teams that I’ve been associated with – those were three very big staples,” said Gettlemen in his introductory press conference.

Defensive and Offensive Woes

Over the last 2 full seasons, the defense for the Giants has ranked in points per game 23rd and 30th. So Gettleman has not been able to build the defense needed to win championships. This year has bumped up to 17th so great job! This Giants offense as over the last 2 seasons ranked 16th and 18th in points per game, and so far this year have the second-worst offense in the NFL at just 12.7 points per game. The run game has been pitiful this year. Saquon before injury averaged 1.8 a carry, Dion Lewis also at 1.8, Wayne Gallman at 1.8, and Devonte Freeman at 2 yards per pop. The Giants leading rusher through 3 games is Daniel Jones. Not much in the running game for the Giants. 

The good news for Gettleman is that the Giants do have 8 sacks through 3 games. That being said, the run defense isn’t amazing for New York; they are the 12th worst run defense in the league in total yards.

Gettleman Stays Old School

Gettleman’s choices in recent NFL drafts have been pretty ok. In year one, he drafted 3 starters in Saquon Barkley, Will Hernandez, and Lorenzo Carter. Year two also yielded 3 starters and 2 guys who play major roles as well. The pure drafting of talent has not been a problem under Gettleman. He was a scout for 11 years with the Bills, Broncos, and Giants. Dave isn’t bad at all when it comes to the draft at picking solid players, the problem with him is positional value. In 2018 with a Giants team coming off a 3-13 record and many major holes on the roster, he drafted Saquon Barkley. The league is trending to a more running back by committee approach even at this time.

The following season he traded Odell Beckham Jr, their best offensive player for Jabrill Peppers, Dexter Lawrence, and a 3rd round pick (which was traded away). So he got a nice strong safety and a nose tackle who doesn’t play nose for them and gave up Odell. Not the best move for the Giants. Another transaction was trading for Leonard Williams. The defensive line already had Dalvin Tomlinson, Dexter Lawrence, and BJ Hill. He would go on to franchise tag him for this season. Another value mistake was signing Blake Martinez for 3 years 30 million. 

2020 Miss-“Calculations”

Daniel Jones, the man Dave Gettleman put basically his job on the line for has not really paid off for him. Jones right now is a turnover machine with 4 picks and 2 fumbles so far this year. The comparison to Jameis Winston continues to get louder and louder. Jones at least looks a little better individually with making better reads and being a little more accurate. The biggest problems from last year are still issues, he doesn’t sense pressure at all, and he continues to make really bad decisions with the football.

What does Gettleman have to do with this? In a pivotal year for QB development, he pushed for the team to hire Jason Garrett to be the OC and play-caller on offense, prior to this he didn’t call plays since 2014 for the Cowboys. Gettleman allowing this mismanagement in a critical year for Jones should be a fireable offense on its own. 

Latest Coach Hire

There’s one thing to admire about Gettleman. He will always go for it. Joe Judge is another attempt at the long ball. When everyone is looking to pair their QB with an offensive head coach, Gettleman hires Joe Judge. Judge was the special teams coordinator and WR coach in New England. Time will tell with Judge but the case for him isn’t getting stronger. Judge was brought in to establish a new culture for the Giants, and that is going to take time especially when your first season is during a global pandemic. However, Judge is already coaching for his job this season when the team moves on from Gettleman.

Judge was an incredibly polarizing hire, so the chances that a new GM keeps him on when they are already changing a lot of the culture around Judge doesn’t look promising. 

In conclusion, Dave Gettleman has spiraled the Giants from a respected historic franchise, to one of the biggest laughing stocks in the league. 

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