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The Dallas Cowboys are dark horse super bowl contenders

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By timrodriguez March 10, 2020 0 Comment
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After missing the playoffs in 2020, and changing head coaches, the Dallas Cowboys should be considered among the contenders for the 2020 NFL season.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “The Dallas Cowboys are winning the Super Bowl next year”. It’s a blanket statement made by Cowboy fans seemingly every year. With the biggest fan-base in football, America’s team has no shortage of supporters. While most have just laughed off that statement as blatant homerism in recent years, it may actually be true in 2020. The Cowboys have a real opportunity to hoist the Lombardi trophy next February.

Could Jerry Jones be turning over a new leaf?

In no way is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ever going to take a step back. He will always be at the forefront of anything regarding the Dallas Cowboys. However, this off-season, the Cowboys have been uncharacteristically quiet. The only real headline surrounding them is the ongoing negotiations with Quarterback, Dak Prescott, but that is common with any contract negotiation.

Jerry Jones decided to go out and hire former Green Bay Packers coach, Mike McCarthy, to be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. With Jason Garrett, it felt as if Jones hired a prove-it type coach to be his head coach. McCarthy has experience being a CEO type of head coach with over a decade of a proven winning philosophy. McCarthy also has experience working with some of the best quarterbacks of all-time. In an interview on sirius XM radio, Packers legend Brett Favre explained how McCarthy would be great with any young franchise quarterback:

“Obviously he’s had Aaron Rodgers and that certainly helps but I do think he brings a level of toughness, but also a confidence that as a player, as a quarterback for him, you feel confident in the plays that he calls that he’s going to call plays that cater more to your ability rather than maybe a previous guy he had.”

Favre also goes on to say how any team would be lucky to have McCarthy. If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, that’s a good thing to hear.

The Cowboys have the best roster in the NFL.

It is not a hyperbolic statement to say the Dallas Cowboys possess the most complete roster in all of football. There are very few holes on this roster. There are some contracts to take care of, but the Cowboys have the salary cap room to get the important ones done.

As much as the league is changing, football is still played in the trenches. As long as the Cowboys have that monstrous offensive line, they have a chance in any game they play. While the defense struggled in 2019, there are still play-makers all over the field. Coming off of a down season, Leighton Vander Esch looks to regain his star form from his rookie season.

What about the expiring contracts?

Dallas has three very important contracts to take care of. The team has already gotten into deep contract talks with quarterback, Dak Prescott, and wide receiver, Amari Cooper. Prescott and Cooper are key parts to this offense, and Dallas has prioritized them this off-season, and those deals are expected to get done relatively soon. Corner back Byron Jones is expected to hit the free agent market and leave Dallas. However, Chidobe Awuzie and Anthony Brown are a formidable duo at the corner back spot.

The McCarthy effect.

For the last decade, the Dallas Cowboys have been led by Jason Garrett. Garrett produced lackluster results. While he kept his job because of his relationship with Jones, the Cowboys underachieved almost every year with Garrett at the helm. There were multiple times this season where the Cowboys just looked uninspired and uninterested in playing meaningful football games.

With McCarthy taking over, the Cowboys finally have someone who is a real leader as a head coach. McCarthy is a super bowl champion with the Green Bay Packers. His final years in Green Bay were rocky, but that was more about injuries to his all-time great quarterback, lack of defensive personnel, and his time with the Packers just running its course. McCarthy is a drastic improvement over Garrett and will run this Cowboys team properly.

Can they really go all the way?

In simple terms: Yes. The Dallas Cowboys should be considered dark horse Super Bowl contenders in 2020. Of course, there will be challenges in the division. It will never be easy to win a division that Carson Wentz plays in. The Cowboys have a shot to be special in 2020, and should not be overlooked.

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