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The Clippers sign Joakim Noah: Are they the best team in LA?

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By DickieRath March 7, 2020 0 Comment
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The Clippers will be the best team in Los Angeles

The Clippers are stacked from the starters to the bench. Signing Joakim Noah fills the biggest hole on the roster. He will not average 15pts and 10 rebounds. However, what he will do is play his role as a defender/rebounder and plat that tough-nose gritty basketball that the Clippers need. This team already has a young 7 footer in Ivica Zubac who still needs more time to develop his game. With the addition of Joakim Noah, they’ll have a player who brings veteran playoff experience and be a true glue guy that they badly needed. With Patrick Beverley, Marcus Morris Sr., and Joakim Noah, the Clippers have built a team who knows how to get into the heads of their opponents, especially an opponent who is their biggest threat: Lebron James! Joakim Noah vs. Lebron James will be a hot topic the next time the two teams face off.

Imagine calling for a switch only to get one of these guys on you: Patrick Beverley, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Marcus Morris are all elite defenders. Good luck with finding a mismatch!

The Rivalry

The rivalry in Los Angeles becomes much more deeper considering how many Clipper players have a bad history with Lebron James. This has fans praying for a Clipers/Lakers playoff matchup.  The Noah vs. James rivalry dates back all the way to the early 2010s during Derrick Rose’s prime. Noah would always seem to get on Lebron’s nerves. With The Clippers signing Noah, fans now can’t wait to see the two go head to head again. Furthermore, This team has some of the the toughest players in the NBA and we haven’t even discussed the bench. Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell are both 6th man of the year candidates. They provide one of the top scoring benches in the league. Add Reggie Jackson, Landry Shamet, and JaMychal Green to that group and now you have one of the most versatile rosters that Doc Rivers has ever coached. With proven defenders, one of the best benches in the NBA, and two of the top players in the world, the clippers are easily the best team in Los Angeles.

The Lakers and Clippers square off on Sunday March 8th at 3:30PM ET. Tune in to get a taste of this epic Los Angeles rivalry with the addition of newly acquired Joakim Noah





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