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The Brawl Network 2021 All-Senior Bowl Team

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  • Alabama
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  • Auburn
  • Benjamin St. Juste
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  • Daelin Hayes
  • David Moore
  • Demetric Felton
  • Dez Fitzpatrick
  • Dillon Radunz
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  • Jabril Cox
  • John Bates
  • Justin Hilliard
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  • Osa Odighizuwa
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  • Richie Grant
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  • Shawn Davis
  • UCF
  • UCLA
  • Wisconsin-Whitewater
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The 2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl concluded on Saturday afternoon. To the great surprise of one of our writers, the National team defeated the American team 27-24.

To wrap up our week, here is the Brawl Network‘s All-Senior Bowl Team. These were the players that impressed our scouts and analysts the most during the week in practice and during the actual game.

All-Senior Bowl Offense

QB: Mac Jones, 6’2″, 217, Alabama (American)

RB: Rhamondre Stevenson, 5’11”, 227,  Oklahoma (National)

RB: Michael Carter, 5’7″, 202, North Carolina (National)

We’ll kick things off with our backs. Mac Jones was clearly the best quarterback in Mobile, even though he could not play in the game due to an ankle injury. Rhamondre Stevenson dropped a significant amount of weight (down from 246), and it showed in the best ways. He looked excellent in blocking and pass-catching drills. Michael Carter looked excellent catching the ball in drills during practice earlier in the week. He also had the best day of all the running backs in the game, rushing for 60 yards and this touchdown:

WR: Dez Fitzpatrick, 6’2″, 202, Louisville (National)

WR: Amari Rodgers, 5’9″, 211, Clemson (American)

Flex: Demetric Felton, 5’8″, 189, UCLA (National)

TE: John Bates, 6’5″, 259, Boise State (National)

The receivers, both wideouts and tight ends, were among the strongest position groups at the Senior Bowl. Dez Fitzpatrick had the best game, recording 6 catches for 90 yards, including the one above. Demetric Felton worked at both receiver and running back, but played and shined more at wide receiver, scoring a touchdown in the game. Amari Rodgers was one of our overall winners of the week and finished it off with a touchdown and two-point conversion in the game. Finally, John Bates was a late addition to the roster but shined in the drills and scrimmages all week as a blocker and receiver.

IOL: Quinn Meinerz, 6’3″, 320, Wisconsin-Whitewater (National)

IOL: David Moore, 6’1″, 350, Grambling State (American)

OL: Robert Jones, 6’4″, 319 Middle Tennessee State (National)

OL: Robert Hainsey, 6’4″, 304, Notre Dame (National)

OT: Dillon Radunz, 6’5″, 304 North Dakota State (National)

The offensive lines at the Senior Bowl, especially the interior players, played very well during the week. But they struggled in the game, both lines allowing a total of six sacks. The quarterbacks were under heavy pressure throughout the game. With that being said, our selections for the All-Senior Bowl offensive line were pretty obvious.

Quinn Meinerz from DIII Wisconsin-Whitewater is on everybody’s list of winners from Mobile. Two other small-school offensive lineman, David Moore and Robert Jones, impressed scouts and analysts with their strength and movement skills, despite their size. Robert Hainsey played all three types of positions (C, OG, OT) in Mobile and looked proficient, if not excellent, at all three. Dillon Radunz was one of the few true offensive tackles that performed consistently well throughout the week and in the game.

10 Things I Learned At Senior Bowl Practices

That’s our offense. Now it’s time for the defense.

All-Senior Bowl Defense

IDL: Osa Odighizuwa, 6’2″, 280, UCLA (National)

IDL: Cameron Sample, 6’2″, 274, Tulane (American)

DE: Elerson Smith, 6’6″, 262, Northern Iowa (National)

DE: Daelin Hayes, 6’3″, 261, Notre Dame (National)

Flex: Carlos Basham Jr., 6’3″, 281, Wake Forest (American)

The defensive line on both teams at the Senior Bowl performed very well throughout the week. Osa Odighizuwa consistently bench pressed offensive lineman into the backfield, while Cameron Sample used his quickness and hand usage to rip past offensive lineman into the backfield. Elerson Smith and Daelin Hayes both displayed incredible explosiveness and power to disrupt plays from the edge. Carlos Basham Jr. is our Flex player because he played interior defensive line, edge rusher, and even had some reps as a stand-up outside linebacker. He played well in all three positions and flashed some great potential as a versatile defensive threat.

SLB: Jabril Cox, 6’2″, 233, Louisiana State (American)

MLB: KJ Britt, 6′, 239, Auburn (American)

WLB: Justin Hilliard, 6′, 227, Ohio State (National)

Most of the linebackers struggled in practice during the week at the Senior Bowl. Running backs routinely cooked them in man coverage and the offensive line regularly got the better of them in run defense. But by game time, many of these prospects turned it around. These three players, however, performed consistently throughout the week.

Justin Hilliard carried over his strong postseason into Mobile, displaying incredible explosiveness and athleticism. KJ Britt was unquestionably the best at covering running backs and put out some great tape in run defense. Jabril Cox performed well very consistently throughout the week. He did not have many eye-popping, incredible plays, but he was always in the right place at the right time.

CB: Aaron Robinson, 5’11”, 190, Central Florida (American)

CB: Benjamin St. Juste, 6’3″, 200, Minnesota (National)

S: Richie Grant, 5’11”, 200, Central Florida (American)

S: Shawn Davis, 5’10”, 199, Florida (American)

Defensive backs are typically at a disadvantage at the Senior Bowl, as they have to stick with great receivers one-on-one in man coverage. But many corners and safeties stood out, including these four. Aaron Robinson did not disappoint after Daniel Jeremiah put him in the first round of his first mock draft. Benjamin St. Juste, a late addition to the roster, arguably had the biggest week of any prospect there, displaying great feet and hands, repeatedly breaking up passes. Richie Grant was another consistent winner of the week among all draft analysts, pundits, and scouts. Shawn Davis was slightly less heralded coming in but had just as much ball production as Grant.

Make sure you’re following the Brawl Network on Twitter (@NetworkBrawl). The Senior Bowl is over, but we’ll be covering the draft for the rest of the spring. Stay tuned for our coverage and analysis of pro days, our many upcoming mock drafts, and other draft-related content from the Brawl Network!

2021 Senior Bowl: Ten Biggest Winners

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