The Baltimore Ravens Release Earl Thomas III

The Baltimore Ravens Released Earl Thomas III

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By RussellJakubowski August 27, 2020 0 Comment
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The Baltimore Ravens Release Earl Thomas III

Earl Thomas has been a standout safety his entire career. Thomas signed with the Ravens in the 2019 off season to spend four years as their starting free safety. Thomas left for Baltimore after ruining his relationships in Seattle. It is now apparent that Seattle was not the problem in the relationship, it was Thomas. The Ravens are now sitting in the same spot as the Seahawks, Thomas created chaos until the situation finally boiled over. The Baltimore Ravens released Earl Thomas III.

First, Thomas got into an argument with teammate Brandon Williams last season. That would mark the start of his antics in Baltimore. Next, Thomas got into an altercation with his wife, he cheated on her with multiple women. After discovering this, she stole his handgun and threatened him with it, the incident ended after police arrested her. This got massive news coverage and created a headache for the Ravens. Earl then showed up late to a meeting after getting a car wash and that caused tension with his teammates. Thomas later got into a fight with safety Chuck Clark after blowing his coverage in practice, Thomas hit Clark after Chuck confronted him about his bad habits. The next day, the Baltimore Ravens did not allow Thomas to practice with the team. He then went on Instagram and posted the video of the blown coverage, to the teams dismay.

The Ravens released Earl Thomas III for conduct detrimental to the team and filed a grievance to get lost cap money back. Earl Thomas is fighting the grievance while looking for a new home in the NFL. The Ravens expect to receive some of his salary back if they win the grievance. Experts believe many teams will stay away from Thomas because they think he will hurt teams chemistry in the locker room. Teams that could sign Thomas are going to take a gamble on talent and upside.

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