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The 3 Quarterbacks the Chicago Bears Must Pursue this Offseason

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By Luke O'Grady February 14, 2021 1 Comment
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There is a massive decision looming over Halas Hall this offseason. The Chicago Bears will be in the market for their new starting quarterback this spring, and they absolutely must get it right. The way some talk about it, the opportunity sounds more like a dark cloud. It really shouldn’t, for most teams the prospect of acquiring your next starting quarterback should be exciting.

Well, most teams don’t have Ryan Pace as their general manager.

Since Pace took over as the Chicago Bears’ GM in 2015, he has failed to address the most important position on the team with even one competent starter. Bears fans have every reason to be nervous about the decision ahead. That being said, how quickly they will forget all of Ryan Pace’s past quarterback blunderings if he gets it right, just one time. He has a chance to make up for everything, and while it’s never easy to find your next franchise quarterback, if Pace were to pull off any of the three scenarios below, he might do just that.


Before we discuss the quarterbacks on the list, I want to first outline the quarterbacks I’m leaving off the list. First off, none of these options will be through the draft. It’s not that I don’t think there are viable starters there, I just think that’s a story for another article.

Also, no project quarterbacks. I don’t know if you’ve been watching the last 100 years, but quarterbacks don’t come to the Chicago Bears and get better. It’s the exact opposite. So if you plan to fix some risky veteran, count me out (I’m looking at you Wentz).

And lastly, these aren’t predictions. I honestly have no idea which direction the Bears will go. There’s a lot of things you could call Ryan Pace, but predictable isn’t one. Especially when it comes to quarterbacks. That being said, I don’t think any of these moves are impossible, and each one would significantly move the needle for Chicago in 2021.

Chicago Bears QB Option #1

Trade for Derek Carr

Chicago receives: Derek Carr, LV ‘21 fifth-round pick (145)

Las Vegas receives: ‘21 second-round pick, ‘22 first, ‘22 second, Anthony Miller

People complaining about trade value, please see Ryan Pace’s draft resume in the early rounds. Anthony Miller’s a free agent, so Las Vegas would be trading for the chance to keep him off the market, but a fresh start would be good for both sides. Pace’s ability to find late-round gems makes the fifth in return a nice little sweetener.

I shouldn’t have to explain why Derek Carr would instantly make the Chicago Bears contenders, but for some reason, the common fan doesn’t seem to realize just how good he is. According to Football Outsiders, Carr has finished in the top-ten of their DVOA rankings in three of the past five seasons. DVOA is a metric that tries to identify just how valuable a player is over an average replacement and based on the numbers, Carr is a lot more valuable.

Pro Football Focus agrees as they have ranked Carr as one of the ten most valuable players in the league, for two years in a row, according to their Wins Above Replacement stat. Carr’s PFF rating has gone up every year for the last four years; even his worst season as a pro (68.9) was still higher than Mitch Trubisky’s career-best (66.4). If you were to make a bet (which you could argue trading draft picks is) that is exactly the kind of trend you would bet on. Did I mention he and Khalil Mack are best friends?

Chicago Bears QB Option #2

Sign Dak Prescott

4-years, $160 million, $72 million signing bonus

It really doesn’t look like Dak Prescott will hit the open market, but put yourself in his shoes for a moment. At the end of the 2019 season, you are one of the best young quarterbacks in the world. Football Outsiders had you rated as their fifth most valuable quarterback in the league, and you’re also a free agent. It’s time you got yourself paid. You deserve to; a rookie quarterback playing at an elite level, entering his second professional contract. That signing bonus alone could set you and your family up forever.

Then you get tagged…and you can’t agree to an extension either…and despite all that, you still play. You’re well on your way to another top-five DVOA grade, you’re breaking yardage records, hanging 30 points almost every week, and then, tragedy. A gruesome ankle injury ends your season, exactly the situation you were trying to avoid in the offseason.

You have every right to be done with the Cowboys. They gambled on your future, and you had to suffer the consequences. I believe there’s a world where Dak rides that anger straight into free agency and never plays a snap for the Cowboys again. And in that world, the Bears should be all in.

Sure, it would squeeze Chicago about as tight as possible to the cap, but they could pull it off. We don’t know the new salary cap just yet, but extending Kyle Fuller, restructuring Mack, and cutting Jimmy Graham are three moves that would save almost $27 million alone, according to Over the Cap’s calculator. Dak Prescott would be the best quarterback the Chicago Bears have ever had the first day he stepped into the building. Furthermore, addressing the quarterback situation in free agency leaves the Bears with all their draft picks to build around him.

Chicago Bears QB Option #3

Bears trade for Deshaun Watson

Bears receive: Deshaun Watson

Houston receives: Bears’ ‘21, ‘22, ‘23 first-round picks, ‘21 second, ‘22 third, Roquan Smith, Bilal Nichols

Reports out of Houston are that the Texans want two firsts, two seconds, and at least two young defensive stars for Deshaun Watson. The Bears’ draft picks are not nearly as attractive as teams choosing closer to the top, so I opted to go with three firsts instead. Losing Roquan would sting. He’s already one of the best coverage backers in the league, and he’s only 23. But what do the Bears get in return?

Well, it’s really hard to overstate just how good Watson is. He’s only 25 and has already been in the NFL for four years. He has ranked in the top-five in DVOA twice, and never ranked below 13th. He led the league in passing yards last year, and according to Pro-Football-Reference, did so while also maintaining the 4th best interception rate in the league.

Now you’re probably thinking “oh, he must have been throwing lots of quick hitters, screens, and stuff”. Nope. Watson had the deepest average completion in the league, seven yards past the line of scrimmage. Pair all that with a completely jaw-dropping ability to create out of the system, Watson really is a wonder. Some would argue that acquiring Watson might ruin the defense, and in the long term, they might be right. But the Chicago Bears have been losing with great defenses for almost twenty years straight. The worst that could happen is they start losing with a good offense. At least it might be more fun to watch.

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