Taysom Hill's Free Agency Outlook

Taysom Hill’s Free Agency Outlook

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By Simeon Wright

Drew Brees announced his return to the New Orleans Saints in 2020. With his announcement comes questions regarding the future of backup quarterback Taysom Hill. Hill, whose contract expired after last season, might be looking to show the NFL what he can do under center. His versatility is undeniable, and teams may be lured into the endless possibilities he could bring with his skill set. Looking at the success of Lamar Jackson in Baltimore, some teams may see the same potential in Hill and may try to recreate that offense with Hill at the helm. Here is Taysom Hill’s free agency outlook.

Taysom Hill’s Free Agency Outlook

What Will Teams Think?

Hill’s three years in New Orleans has shown that he is able to adapt new skills to enhance his game, whether that was through his blocking, route running, or as a special teamer. The question is whether that adaptability will transfer if he transitions to the role of starting quarterback. This year is his first experience with free agency, and there is no way to tell what offers he will receive. Will a team ask Hill to be a receiver or a special teamer? Will someone bring him in and allow him to compete for a starting quarterback job? Of course, this is contingent on Hill not returning to the Saints.

Looking at All the Options

Teddy Bridgewater is most likely gone, so the Saints will need a viable backup for the aging Drew Brees. This may be the best opportunity for Hill to be a starting quarterback in the league. If he decides to stay and wait out Brees, which would probably only be for another year, he might be the one to get the keys to the car. And with no shortage of offensive weapons and his skill set, the Saints could continue to be a contender for years to come.

It will be interesting to see how the Saints handle this situation going forward. The Saints have the option to match any offer that Hill receives or place a high tender on him so the likelihood of another team reaching out is low. This is possible because he is a restricted free agent, so the Saints have first dibs in retaining his services. The future of Taysom Hill is going to be an interesting one, who knows how it will play out.

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