Chicago Bears Swap Meet Alternate History

Swap Meet: Chicago Bears Alternate History

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By Brian Draus March 9, 2021 0 Comment
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Alternate History of the Chicago Bears

For this piece, I thought I would go back to the “swap meet” concept, however, for the Chicago Bears. It will involve draft decisions, along with other occurrences that altered the history of the Bears franchise. Here we go!

Swap the Bears staying at #3 in the 2017 NFL Draft and drafting Deshaun Watson instead of moving up to select Mitch Trubisky

As we all found out, it made more sense to stay at #3 and take Watson. However, the most interesting part is what would have become of picks 67 and 111 in that same draft, not to mention their third-round pick the following year. I guess that they would have picked up someone pretty good, but in this version of alternate history, do the Bears?

  1. Turn Watson into a star.
  2. Improperly develop Watson, Watson becomes average.
  3. Option 1, not to mention pick up a good player or two with the other picks
  4. Option 2, however, pick up a good player or two with the other picks.

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Swap the 2011 Greg Olsen trade to never occurring

This is a deal that came back to haunt the Bears, as they were forced to spend big money in 2013 to bring in Martellus Bennett. However, had they just held on to Olsen in the first place, the Bennett signing is unlikely to take place. In this version of alternate history, do the Bears?

  1. Make the playoffs in 2012
  2. Not make the playoffs in 2012
  3. Allocate resources differently in 2013, allowing them to win the NFC North
  4. Allocate resources differently in 2013 but still miss out on the postseason.

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Swap the firing of head coach John Fox after the 2017 season to never occurring

Here is an interesting one, mainly because he was high on Deshaun Watson before the 2017 NFL Draft. However, he was 14-34 in his time with Chicago, meaning Fox never got a shot to coach a fourth season. One big question I have: does Fox’s opinions on Watson cost him his job? Had he remained coach post-2017, do the Bears:

  1. Win the division in 2018
  2. Option 1, plus a playoff win
  3. Have greater success than they have under Nagy
  4. Have less success than they have under Nagy

I realize these scenarios are not pleasant for Bears fans, especially with the trade talk revolving around quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson. Suppose things had turned out differently in the draft or other aspects of Bears history; who knows how the franchise might look today? Until next time, Bears fans!

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