Super Bowl Beat Down: The Chiefs Have a Weakness

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By Andy Davies February 15, 2021 0 Comment
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The Kansas City Chiefs were embarrassed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV, despite many feeling that the Chiefs’ offense would overwhelm the Buccaneers’ defense. As it turns out, the exact opposite happened as Tampa dominated the Kansas City offense with an easy win 31-9.

With the Chiefs having lost a small number of games during the past two seasons, has this game showed the rest of the NFL how to beat the Chiefs?

Chiefs Primary Problem: Offensive Line Play

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Kansas City played in the Super Bowl missing many starting offensive linemen due to injuries. Eric Fisher missed out due to an Achilles injury suffered in the AFC Championship win over the Buffalo Bills. The 2013 number one overall pick turned out to be the most important piece missing in the Chiefs abysmal pass protection.

In the NFL, a wide receiver is nothing without their quarterback and a quarterback is nothing without their offensive line.

We have seen many good quarterbacks struggle with the bad offensive lineman. Super Bowl LV showed how Mahomes’ young NFL career may have turned out if he had been drafted by a team with bad offensive line play, such as Joe Burrow is seeing with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Oregon’s Penei Sewell is seen as one of the top offensive linemen in this upcoming draft class for good reason. His draft stock, along with many other offensive tackles, will surely go up after this game. There could be as many as six offensive tackles taken in the first round because teams with young quarterbacks will emphasize protecting their signal-callers.

The Chiefs will likely be back to the same team with their starters returned to health, though teams now know the way to beating Patrick Mahomes: winning in the trenches and not giving the quarterback time to throw!

Where’s Tyreke Hill and Travis Kelce

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Another way that the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs was their ability to stop the main offensive threats.

The Buccaneers did an excellent job of taking Tyreke Hill out of the game and making him a non-factor. Hill was restricted to just 73 yards in the game, most of which came in garbage time in the second half. In the previous matchup during the regular season, Hill went for over 200 yards in the first quarter alone. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had a bit more luck through the air, but Kansas City still did not score a touchdown all game.

NFL teams will use tape from the Super Bowl to remove Hill and Kelce from the Chief’s gameplan. They will look to force Kansas City to rely on their other offensive options such as Sammy Watkins, Demarcus Robinson and Byron Pringle through the air. Clyde Edwards-Helaire will also need to take a larger role in the run game as well considering he averaged 7.1 yards-per-carry on nine attempts.

Kansas City has had an excellent few seasons since Patrick Mahomes became a Superstar. In all likelihood, they are still AFC favorites and will rebound. This Super Bowl matchup just proved that the Kansas City Chiefs can be beaten!
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