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Sports betting – Is it rigged?

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By DickieRath March 1, 2020 0 Comment
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Have you ever wondered how Vegas spreads are close to the final score? Have you ever lost a bet by
half a point? Have you ever seen a team who won without their best player? Do any of this make you
think that games are set up? Today we’ll discuss it and let you decide. Let’s break this down into 3
categories, the first one


Whether it be Dwayne Haskins handing Nigel Bradham a defensive touchdown with 6 seconds left in the
game or Jimmy Butler missing a free throw to cover -4.5. Sports bettors will always have a reason to
believe that games are rigged or that players got paid to make a bad play. Are players that good that
they have the ability to script a whole game down to the tee? My strong guess is no! Some players do
not even have their positions figured out, none less script a whole game. Between their families,
traveling, practice, and competing against another players, I don’t think any player is capable of scripting
a whole game and jeopardizing their careers. I cannot say the same for kickers though, those guys are
sneaky, but we’ll give them a pass. Let’s move on to #2


Fighters, commentators, and even the media will speak on how corrupt the sport of boxing is. We’ve all
seen how a fight can be scored horribly, which makes fans and bettors wonder how legit can an official
be. We’ve seen the bad pass interference calls, we seen when NBA teams get into foul trouble early
onto a game. If there’s a group of people who can determine the outcome of a game, we know that the
refs can! Now does that mean that they script every game? No, but it cannot be ignored! Refs have a lot
of power, sometimes too much. We all just witnessed Dwyane Wade helping Derrick Jones Jr win the
2020 NBA dunk contest as a judge. So would it be hard for me to imagine that refs do the same? No!
Maybe certain refs officiate a certain way or maybe some refs are really just that terrible. This wouldn’t
be the first time that we’ve seen this in the NBA (Search Tim Donaghy) Seeing how funky some of these
calls are and knowing the spreads for the games, I do believe that some refs are fixing games. Not all,
just some. So if all games aren’t fixed, what’s going on? Well let’s talk about #3


Spreads can be real close to the final score, sometimes too fishy. Do Vegas pay players and refs? Do they
have a Sports Almanac from the future that tells the results of every major sports event until the end of
this century? Is there somebody in charge named Biff? Probably not, but we still don’t understand how
they are so good. Sometimes a games that you bet on will come down to the final point. Sometimes
Vegas will set fishy lines causing you to lose on a bet that you thought was for sure a lock, so how do
they know? I don’t think they’re from the future, but I do believe that they have been around for so long
that they have a lot of connections and insiders. Sometimes I think these insiders are so good that they
know when a player stays up all night because his/her baby was sick. Vegas is really good and that’s one
reason why they always win. If I was a betting man (which I am) I’d say they’re just that damn good.

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