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Sheep Without Shepherds Will Be Eaten By Wolves

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By Sam Hicks November 15, 2020 0 Comment
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Why Mike Vrabel is being so stubborn with the D-coordinator spot? Two words.

Bill Belichick. Let me explain before everyone gets the pitchforks out. Mike Vrabel played under Bill with the New England Patriots from 2001-2008, and we all know how successful he was during this time period winning multiple Super Bowls. Vrabel had the chance to play under one of the greatest defensive minds to ever put on a headset, picking his brain the entire time. Flashes of the same moxie were on display in the AFC wildcard game last year when Vrabel was able to out Belichick.. well Belichick by using a rule loophole to take advantage of a clock situation. If asked, Vrabel would admit that a large part of his coaching success is due to coming up in that system.

Dean Pees You Up?

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Something I believe that gets lost in the shuffle is that Russell Dean Pees has a coaching resume longer than a CVS receipt. He too spent his time under Bill, but he also already had a coaching mindset. There is no coach that can be Bill, but what you can do is successfully build a scheme around what you learn in different places. Look at Buddy Ryan’s 46 defense. Incredible for the 85 Chicago Bears, but if every team tried to run it that year they would’ve been lit up if not taught correctly. Pees knew where he needed HIS guys for HIS scheme. This is where the Tennessee Titans succeeded last year but have really dropped the ball this season.

The Solution

Pride can be a wonderful thing, but not always in leadership roles. Eventually, you have to look in the mirror and think about the overall success of your team. Listen you think Matt Nagy isn’t a little embarrassed having to give up play-calling for the Bears? Of course, but if not the team was going to end up dead last in a lot of offensive categories. JRob and Vrabel have done a wonderful job putting a great squad together on paper. The buzz around the fan base before the season was wildly optimistic for good reason. What doesn’t need to happen is a window for this team to achieve something special getting wasted due to not having proper coaching. Sheep without Shepard’s will be eaten by wolves.

The Next Step

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There’s no bringing in someone this year to fix the defensive issues. Vrabel is in a strange position now because he’s still got Adoree Jackson coming back. The acquisition of Desmond King was a move prior years Titan teams would have been aggressive enough to make. Talent is not the issue here, just to be clear, the team has all the tools needed. The question is can Mike do what needs to be done with the tools. A screwdriver is a very useful tool for a contractor, but if you’re putting a Phillips head where you need a Flathead it’s useless. Have faith that this team figures it out, puts pride aside, and in the offseason see if Dean Pees is tired of fishing. Oh and find a kicker please, Titan Up!


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