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By Andy Martinez October 17, 2020 0 Comment

“Pressure can either burst pipes or make diamonds”. It is time to see which will come of Drew Lock.

After going out with a shoulder injury earlier this season, Drew Lock finds himself in position to start this week. He will lead a depleted Broncos offense into Foxborough to take on the New England Patriots. The task won’t be easy, but Lock has the talent to elevate his team to the next level.


With so many quarterbacks finding success early this season, including division rival Justin Herbert, the pressure for Drew Lock’s success has built up quickly in Denver. Lock’s injuries have hindered his evaluation period to a point where many wonder if he may be injury prone. Others have gone as far as calling for a change in play style to avoid further injury.

It is true, the best ability is availability. However, what is the point in stripping away the very thing that makes this young quarterback so special? Drew Lock’s elusiveness escaping the pocket and extending plays remains one of his greatest abilities.

While it may take a while, Lock will learn to pick his moments. Not every play can be extended in this league, as he will realize with time. For now, Lock could benefit from balanced play calling and improved pass protection.


With six games under his belt, Drew Lock’s evaluation period has only just begun. As a young quarterback there is still much to be improved on. His biggest areas of concern remain with the deep ball and the ability to throw under pressure. In the season opener, Lock missed a few passes that had the potential to end the game.

While this offense may have been stripped of their best receiver in Courtland Sutton, there is still plenty of young talent left on the team to work with. If Lock can prove that he can be successful with this roster, there should be little doubt in his ability to lead this team going forward.


The biggest takeaway from Lock’s time out, is the possibility of his game elevating. The last time Lock went out with an injury, he grew into his role as a quarterback in the NFL. Using various forms of preparation, including mental reps, Lock was able to slow the game down. He was able to prove that the moment wasn’t too big for him when his ‘raw talent’ on Draft Day, translated to a 4-1 record in his rookie season.

When asked about what he’s learned with the time out after his injury he responded:

“I feel like one thing I’ve learned from this is being able to self-scout better coming out of weeks. Being able to be hurt and watch myself, watch others, I got to learn a lot about what I can possibly do better.” He added, “That’s just something I learned from this injury, being able to watch myself a little bit closer, whether its technique or little subtle habits that I have.”

Lock ended his meeting with the press on a high note. After being asked if he was looking forward to getting that first hit coming back, he responded:

“I am ready for the first hit, to get out there and let it happen. I’ll let everyone hold their breath for a couple seconds and then I get up and everything is just fine. I’m excited to get back to it”

*knocks on wood*


With the return of Drew Lock, the Broncos look to turn this season around and get back on track. Coming back from an injury in a game against Bill Belichick isn’t exactly an ideal situation. However, the Broncos have dealt with far more adversity this year.

This week’s setback comes with the potential loss of running back Melvin Gordon, who was arrested for DUI on Tuesday night. The loss of their leading rusher will not be easy to overcome, but the return of Phillip Lindsay should lighten the blow significantly. Lindsay, who has been the team’s leading rusher for the Broncos in the previous two seasons, has fully recovered from the turf toe injury that set him back this year.

In addition to having a familiar face in the backfield, Lock will benefit from a much-needed patch job at right tackle with Demar Dotson. Dotson who made his season debut against the Jets, did not allow a single sack on 3rd string quarterback Brett Rypien.

All eyes are on Drew Lock now. His every move will be placed under a microscope and picked apart. While it seems apparent that John Elway and the Broncos are all in with Lock, nothing is ever guaranteed in this league. With an incoming draft class that has what many believe to be generational talents at quarterback, Lock will have to take it upon himself to solidify his case as the future in Denver starting Sunday.


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