Ryan Anderson's Menacing Approach

Ryan Anderson’s Menacing Approach

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By David Opperman June 23, 2020 0 Comment

Old School Mentality

In a time where defensive players often feel hamstrung by the rules Ryan Anderson is not fazed. Garrett Hudson of Redskins Brawl¬†discussed his time playing with Ryan Anderson soliciting an interesting comment. Asked about his constant intensity while playing the game Ryan replied, “If I can remember my grandkids names, then I didn’t play the game right.”

That’s a statement former Chicago Bears great Dave Butkis would approve. The clip from the Redskins Brawl Podcast shares Garrett’s conversation with Ryan Anderson in the hot tub after practice.

A Statement Heard Around the Sporting World

Ryan’s statement has become the entire buzz throughout the media and social media with varying views. Nate from Barstool Sports mentions how refreshing it is to hear from a player. Although it is unlikely the suddenly safety conscious¬† NFL approves. Sporting News quickly referenced Ryan’s “dirty” hit on Greg Olsen stating, “He is a bit of a controversial player.” Jordan Cohn understandably eludes to the risks of concussion recalling London Fletcher’s concerns of former teammate Jordan Reed.

Social media responses have also been reactionary to say the least has seen from Redskins Today. Remarks from those calling him a rhino,  to those not agreeing with this mind set flooded the feed. The wide level of differing views truly show just how ubiquitous this NFL fan base can be along multiple fronts. Fans disgusted with how the league changed revere his comments, while others see Ryan as tone deaf towards concussions. Regardless of the stance you take, the attention Ryan Anderson garnered nearly broke the internet.

Who is Ryan Anderson?

Out of University of Alabama, he’s been regarded as a strong locker room presence, which Alabama teammate Jonathan Allen can attest to, especially as a leader. The scouting report outlined a technically sound, smart defender whom utilized his leverage very well and was gap disciplined. Although concerns surrounded his lack of agility, especially in space, and less than average ability in coverage, he finished 2019 strong. In the final 6 games (starting the last 4) he tallied 24 of his 43 tackles, 4 sacks while totaling 9 QB hits and forced 4 fumbles. Going back to his time in Alabama, you will notice his tenacity and hustle on every play like it was his last.

Going into the 2020 season, questions have arisen whether Ryan Anderson is a man without a true position. The Mike backer, the QB of the defense, plays to his run stopping strengths, but may struggle in zone coverage. He’ll compete with the re-signed Jon Bostic and second year rookie stand out Cole Holcomb (led team in tackles). The Will linebacker is heavily relied on in the passing game and, in some instances, plays like a free safety. Ryan’s lack of speed and coverage ability certainly eliminates that role within the defense. The Sam LB may suit him the best, utilizing his run coverage strengths while often blitzing. Unfortunately, the Sam LB will expose his weakness in coverage matching up against the TE. Ryan is a very good technical defender but is just not a master of a sole position along the linebacker core.

Final Thoughts

Jack Del Rio and Ron Rivera have eluded on multiple times occasions how excited they are heading into the season with Ryan Anderson. There are rumors that teams have recently inquired about Anderson’s availability on the trade market. Honestly, with the uncertainty of this team at LB depth, a trade of Ryan may prove to be detrimental. With Reuben Foster returning from injury and Thomas Davis on the back end of his career, Ryan Anderson is a good young healthy linebacker. If his final 6 games prove anything, he is an up and coming young player with plenty of growth ahead.

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