It is officially time for Rick Renteria to be fired by the Chicago White Sox

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By Juan Figueroa August 17, 2020 2 Comment
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It’s time for Rick Renteria to go. Renteria’s tenure should end soon. His lack of imagination as a manager produces no runs.

The White Sox simply cannot score with Rick Renteria as the man in charge. In the shortened season teams do not have the luxury of time to recover from a slump offensively. It’s up to the manager to really reach into his bag of creativity to make it happen. Rick Renteria has yet to show that ability.

Lack of creativity

For those who believe that the creativity to produce runs only lie with managers in the National League I ask “How about we win first?”. When you have a powerhouse lineup, as the White Sox do, being in a slump as a team is really tough on the mental aspect of the clubhouse as a whole. They know they are suppose to be scoring runs in bunches. They also know they are letting a lot of people down at this point in the season.

The White Sox are losing games because Rick Renteria lacks the creativity to organically produce runs through the game. Stealing bases, Creating sacrifice opportunities, bunting, being aggressive on the base pads. There are so many ways a manager could create a spark to make the players rally around his will to win. Rick Renteria lacks the imagination as a manager to do these things.

Understanding of his own pitching staff

The way Renteria has handled his pitching staff has been questionable. Starting guys who have no reason to be starting. Putting guys in the bulpen that are natural starters. Leaving guys in too long and eventually getting them battered beyond recovery. Taking guys out of the game prematurely. His lack of understanding of his own pitching staff raises questions.

Pitchers characters and mindset should really play a role in the way you make moves as a manager. The way he handled Reynaldo Lopez’s first start and Bringing Gio Gonzalez in as a relief pitcher really showed that he does not have a grasp on the guys pitching for him. Gio Gonzalez is a veteran major league pitcher. When he came to the White Sox many believed he would be plugged into the rotation with ease. He started the campaign in the bulpen.

Leaving starters that are struggling in the game for too long is the biggest mistake Rick Renteria can make. Especially With an offense that just not having success at the time. Falling behind early on the in the game almost certainly means a loss. He has done that way too many times. Many will say ” those pitchers eventually recovered”. Yes they did, but the game was already out of reach and lead to a loss.

Renteria in the Last ten games

In the last ten games the White Sox have been outscored by 16 runs. In two out of those last 10 games they scored eight and seven respectively. Without that two game run out burst they are outscored 46-15. The White Sox record in the last 10 games  is 3-7. They spoiled a gem put together by Dallas Keuchel losing that one 1-0. The White Sox are trending down ward in a shortened season. It’ Rick Renteria’s Time to go. Before its too late and this season is becomes unrecoverable.

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John Cappy

August 25, 2020

I think you need to go. Sit your ass down and shut up. You don’t know what you are talking about. Period !


Tina Johnson

August 24, 2020

I agree with you

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