Quarterback Not Washington Biggest Concerns

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By David Opperman October 12, 2020 0 Comment
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..Quarterback Protection A Problem

The quarterback is obviously the most important position, but when the offensive line is ineffective expectations become limited. In a week where Washington demotes quarterback Dwayne Haskins to 3rd string, many felt the offense would show more efficiency. Although the Rams defense is a strong group. This week’s matchup proves the quarterback position is merely the tip of the iceberg. Against the Rams, this offensive line proved to be a liability allowing minimal to no time in pass protection. Kyle Allen was affective on the 2nd offensive series as the quarterback went 4 of 5 for their lone TD drive. Since then neither quarterback had time in the pocket as the offensive line gave up 8 sacks and multiple pressures.

While the case clearly was made involving Haskins poor play this matchup continues to expose the harsh reality. This team’s offensive line has been near the bottom of the league in sacks and pressures allowed. Sure the Rams defensive front is a strong unit. But allowing a young player in Reeder a career 3 sack day is inexcusable. In fact Reeder came into this game with 0 NFL sacks yet this unit allowed him an All-Pro type day. So just how much of the poor quarterback play was due to terrible protection from this offensive line unit?

Safeties A Liability

As the defensive line truly seems like this team’s strength. The back end continues to let up big play after big play. They were victim to a 56 yard TD pass to Robert Woods on a play where it appeared Fuller was expecting backside help. Whether it’s a communication issue or not. The lack of a solid free safety is a continued theme for this organization since Sean Taylor. Apke’s poor reads and angles plus Curl’s inexperience is becoming a detriment to this defense. Collins is great in the box but his salary demands much more in the passing game. If Washington cannot find a free safety to properly compliment Collins it will continue to be a weakness.

Final Thoughts

Keeping this simple. This team is simply a long way from even contending in a terrible division let alone for the playoffs. Losing Trent and letting Flowers walk, plus adding zero offensive weapons has proven detrimental to this team. While many want to point the finger at Haskins, today’s game has proven otherwise. Now of course Haskins had his issues and needed more development but this offensive line did him no favors. Could Saahdiq Charles be an answer?  Perhaps, but he has not been able to be healthy enough to get on the field.

As Ron Rivera wants to develop this roster and still remain competitive, which I respect, it may be time to plan for 2021. He needs to get young players like Charles, Wright and Curl more reps so he knows what they have in those players. As I see the relationship with Haskins fractured. The 2021 draft looks to be where our future lies at the quarterback position. As fans are tired of the quarterback revolving door the 2021 draft will certainly prove more vital than any other year since 2012. The fans just don’t care about short term success as the days of “We are close” still leaves a bad taste.

Washington Brawl Podcast

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