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Philip Rivers disappoints in Week 5 Loss at Cleveland

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By Anthony Gulick October 12, 2020 0 Comment

The Colts suffered a big loss in Cleveland on Sunday

The talk of the town coming into this game was the league’s #1 rushing attack versus the #1 defense. This game was exactly what the fans were expecting, not a shootout but a defensive slugfest.

The Colts defense did not play like themselves in the first half but turned it around in the second. The Browns did a lot of their scoring and heavy-lifting in the first half. The Colts in the second half held quarterback Baker Mayfield to 2 completions for 19 yards and the Colts picked him off twice. Although it was not a complete game for the defense they still held this high-scoring Cleveland offense to 23 points.

The Colts run defense also looked very good, holding star running back Kareem Hunt under 100 yards rushing and holding him to only 3.6 yards per carry. The Colts defense has to play more consistently. If the Colts played with the same intensity in the first half as the second half, the Browns would have been shut down.

As good as the defense was, they cannot always be saving the offense.

Are the Colts running into quarterback issues for the second straight year in a row?

A combination of things went wrong in Cleveland on Sunday. The most glaring was the abysmal play from Philip Rivers. To get the elephant out of the room, for a quarterback that is making 25 million dollars, he cannot be playing this bad. Although he did make some good throws, his mistakes were costly.

As stated previously, the Colts defense held the Browns offense to 23 points. They ended up having 32 points at the end of the game because Rivers cost the team 9 points. Rivers made two costly mistakes, throwing a pick-six and safety which was intentional grounding in his own endzone. People have been questioning Franks Reich‘s play calling but it is obvious now that Reich is using a limited scheme with Rivers. The last few years with Andrew Luck and Jacoby Brissett, Coach Reich has been very creative with his play calling. Rivers is holding this team back with his poor decision making.

Does Rivers have anything left in the tank?

All the credit to the Browns in the world for winning this game, but the main storyline is that Philip Rivers just lost this game for the Colts. The mistakes he made were vital and cost the team points. If Rivers does not make those errant throws and plays more conservative, the Colts easily win this game. This game in Cleveland was such a disappointing outing for Rivers and the Colts.

Rivers is most likely done with the Colts after this season. He is on a one year deal and is 38 years old. Rivers had a Hall of Fame-caliber career up to this point, but he just does not look the same anymore. Rivers was meant to be a short-term answer, not a long-term answer for the Colts. Hopefully, Rivers can bounce back and not cost this team any more games this season, otherwise, the Colts will look in a different direction for a starting quarterback.

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