Packers three essential keys to victory versus the Minnesota Vikings

Packers three essential keys to victory versus the Minnesota Vikings

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By DerrickB September 12, 2020 1 Comment
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We are only four days away from the start of the Green Bay Packers 2020 regular season. The team did not finished their 2019 campaign on a positive note after falling 37-20 in last year’s NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers. Their new season starts with a division foe in the Minnesota Vikings. Now lets take a look at the Packers three essential keys to victory versus the Minnesota Vikings.

Last year, the Packers swept the Vikings in both matchups. Fast forward to 2020. There are different aspects of what the they need to look out for when they face Minnesota. Today, the Brawl Network will list three essential keys to victory. The Packers must execute them to win this Sunday in their week one contest against the Minnesota Vikings.

1. Prevent Kirk Cousins From Utilizing the Play Action Pass

We have seen Kirk Cousins at his best when he can perform play-action pass plays. The Packers’ defense must not allow him to get comfortable in the pocket. Definitely can not allow him to use the running game to his advantage. Cousins lost one of his favorite targets on offense in Stefon Diggs. The Vikings traded him to the Buffalo Bills, but let’s not forget that wide receiver Adam Thielen is still on the roster with a plethora of other weapons.

2. Slow Down the Effectiveness of What Dalvin Cook Can do Throughout the Football Game

Whenever an opponent allows Kirk Cousins to become formidable by utilizing the play-action pass combined with Dalvin Cook running the football effectively, it usually does not bode well for that particular team. In 2019, the Packers defense successfully stopped Cook in the first game against Minnesota. They did not face him in the second matchup due to an injury. If the defense can prevent Cousins and Cook from becoming a factor in Sunday’s football game, then the contest is pretty much in the bag for Green Bay.

3. Manipulate and Eliminate the Threat of the Vikings Pass Rush

If you have not heard already, the Vikings traded for coveted defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, who spent his last few seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ngakoue joins an already vaunted pass rush that has stars such as Danielle Hunter. Like any other great pass rush, the more opportunities they can get after the quarterback, the probability of causing turnovers increases.

We have seen Aaron Rodgers work miracles in the pocket, but he’s 36, and the probability of threatening injuries increase. Rodgers is familiar with the looks that the Vikings defense has presented him in the past. With Yannick Ngakoue joining their ranks, Rodgers and the rest of the Packers must now consider the threat that he can become. These are your Green Bay Packers three essential keys to victory against the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday.

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September 12, 2020

We love to see it! Great piece! GoPackGO!

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