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Offense, Defense, Special Teams? It Doesn’t Matter for Next Jets Head Coach

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By Michael Pallas January 3, 2021 0 Comment
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With Adam Gase officially gone, the New York Jets can begin their search for a new head coach in earnest. Whether it’s offense, defense, or even special teams, the specialty of the next Jets head coach is irrelevant. They just need a good one.

Many fans want the next Jets head coach to come from the offensive side of the ball to work with the next quarterback. However, history, even recent history, shows it’s not about the coach’s background. Furthermore, building a quality staff is just as important, if not more.

If you look at Super Bowl history, all the way back to the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game, it favors offensive coaches, but only slightly. In the 54 previous Super Bowls, the winners have been 28 offensive coaches, 24 defensive coaches, and two from special teams. In the last 10, it’s been five offensive, four from defensive, and one from special teams.

Since the specialty doesn’t really matter, why do coaches win a Super Bowl?

1. They understand how to build a staff.
2. The general manager and the head coach work together building the right team.
3. They understand how to motivate the team and understand players.
4. There’s a little bit of luck in the once-a-week nature of the game with bounces going their way.

It’s understandable as to why Jets fans are leery of hiring a defensive-minded head coach. Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles both fizzled out relatively quickly. Also, the history of the Jets is littered with coaches whose specialty is defense. That being said, three of the four appearances by the Jets in AFC Championship Game since the merger were from coaches with a defensive pedigree.

In the end, the side of the ball where the next head coach is coming from is irrelevant. It’s all about leadership and team building. If he can do that, the Jets will be successful, period.

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Michael has been covering the Jets since 2015 for various blogs, and he’s the host of Bleav in Jets.


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