Off-Season Should Be About Depth For the Philadelphia Eagles

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By Usayd Koshul March 1, 2020 0 Comment
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The Philadelphia Eagles have a big off-season ahead with a 2019 season full of injuries. Let’s take a look at what the Eagles need to do to fill those holes

There’s a lot that plagued the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019. But the main things were injuries, which then led to the Eagles’ lack of depth on the roster noticeable. With about $46 million in cap space, general manager Howie Roseman will look to get aggressive and sign big-name free agents like Jadeveon Clowney this off-season.

While guys like Clowney are great, the Eagles need to add depth to positions such as wide receiver and cornerback, both of which were hit by the injury bug in 2019. The Eagles should also consider bringing in higher quality backups at the quarterback positions merely to give them strong insurance policies should Carson Wentz get injured again.

With a projected ten drafts picks in 2020, the Eagles will have a plethora of chances to add to positions such as wide receiver and cornerback. All of Philadelphia’s starting wide receivers missed time in 2019. Against the New York Giants late in the season, they finished the game with only one healthy receiver on the final drive. Finding playmakers for Wentz to get the ball to should be one of the first areas to address in 2020. While Roseman will also look to add impact players in the first two rounds, being able to unearth hidden gems between rounds four through seven is even more critical.

The draft board could fall in a million different ways on draft night. And the odds are that it’s likely to not fall in the Eagles favor. The Eagles can’t bank on having every prospect they love to be on the board when they pick, so when adding depth to the roster this off-season, they’ll need to get creative and prioritize certain positions over others.

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